Original Wings and Rings DIFC

Great food. No Bull, Eat Drink and Talk Loudly

Casual ambiance, beautiful layout, lively colors, bright clean interiors, large screens, attentive/polite staff, and good old tasty bbq wings, succulent beef burgers and freshest salads promise you of a good family/friends day out and an awesome night out with friends, that is what this first American sports bar joint in the heart of DIFC offers its diners and patrons.

Conveniently located at the concourse level of the Liberty House, easy to reach with less than five minutes walk from the financial metro station.

Serving lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks everyday.

Beer with me here, we visited on a Thursday for lunch and still need to go back to work afterwards hence I could only take photo and lust over this while sipping on some non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri with my friend.

but fret not because the good news is they are soon to start Wednesday ladies night. 

We sample the three cheese chicken quesadilla which quickly disappeared from the plate. Sooo good, Jeah and I could not get enough of it.

Then the badass wings in sweet bbq sauce arrived with crunchy curly fries and blue cheese dip on the side. We simply can't resist so we decided that it's time for some sticky fingers

then this equally delicious boneless chicken in crazy sauce with fries and ranch dip on the side is also good but I would stick to the original. When you are ordering your wings, note that you have the option to chose the sauce and hotness (from mild to fiery hot)

We dare not chicken out now and also tried the jalapeno crispies and oh my, the spicier, the better.

If  you can handle the heat, OW&R is doing the 1 Million Challenge, check out their facebook page for the dits of the competition here

The servings are huge hence sharing is not discourage. My mouth waters while writing this and editing the photos

For dessert we had sticky fudge brownie and chocolate mousse cake - both are really good but you know me, not much of a chocolate fan, three spoonful and I am done but I can stay one whole day adoring beautiful cake design and creations

There are so much more to look forward to at OW&R. They will soon have Karaoke Nights. There's a Live Band Performance between 9 - 11 pm with Adam and Sarah every Wednesday, and Friday brunch is from 12 - 4 pm at AED 249/person.

For some hip, trendy and sporty night out with your friends I highly recommend OW&R

Original Wing & Rings
Concourse Level
Liberty House, DIFC
04-359 6900

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  1. Sounds like a great restaurant. I love me some wings!

  2. Oh my goodness that food looks amazing! I love eating some wings and watching a game!

  3. Those desserts are to die for! They look so good. And I love the phrase on the wall "Eat, Drink, Talk Loudly", lol!

  4. The atmosphere looks amazing! And that food looks incredible - now I'm hungry!!

  5. Looks like a great place. The food looks amazing.

  6. omg, the food looks incredible. I'm totally drooling, and it also looks like a lively and fun place to be!

  7. Looks like such an upscale sports bar! Super classy... and that food looks delish!

  8. the ambiance looks pretty neat...and the food looks yummy! www.fashiontrendsonline.info

  9. That place looks very nice, and the food mm looks good. I would love to try those jalapeno crisps.

  10. It looks like a great place to eat at. :) Love the decor inside. And the food, it looks yummy. My mouth waters too just looking at it.

  11. OK this food makes me want to go to my local wing stop because I would love to have some of these right now.

  12. Yummy! I wish there was one around here, everything looks great!

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