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Pinoy Themed Restaurants Making Waves in Dubai

This next feature is about two hip, trendy and innovative restaurants that are currently making waves in the Filipino community in Dubai. We tried and tested their toothsome recipes and did not fall short of our expectations.

The first one specializes in seafood served in galvanized buckets lined with wax paper. Here you can chose your seafood (fish, clams, crab, calamari, lobster) and the sauces. You can also have it mild, hot or fiery. The place is hip, trendy and not hard on your pockets, it's called Seafood in a Bucket.

The new place has more spacious dining area and has a light and airy atmosphere. We needed to wait in line to get a table, they are very busy especially at dinner time and on weekends. They are serving breakfast now but that we still have to try.

Here they provide you with plastic apron and gloves to wear to keep your hands from getting too sticky and shirt getting stained but mind you no forks and knives needed no plates either. How do you eat then? All you need is your bare hands, yourself minus your inhibition and a big appetite for a good meal. Be ready to get dirty literally.

calamari, tilapia and prawn in buckets of course

Our order consisted of unli-rice (unlimited supply of steamed rice), calamari in sweet chili sauce, tilapia with pepper sauce and prawn in sweet chili sauce. Drinks were cucumber and apple, and watermelon.

This was Ferald and the kids first time here. Seafood in a Bucket got my family's vote of goodness which only means that this ain't going to be the last time dining in this joint and the next visit would most probably be for breakfast.


It wasn't planned, it just happened and it ended up in a fight.

We went to the beach on the first day of Eid Al Adha. The weather was good so we headed down to...

The Beach

Eid holidays are made of these 👙🏊🍸☀️😍😎👌

After the much needed vit. D and salt water...I mean dip, I wanted to take the family for breakfast at the Arabian Tea House, they have good breakfast over there but then my daughter realizes that we are driving along Jumeirah road and suddenly suggested that we visit...

The Dubai Zoo

Life is so much better when I am with you #roquefamily #teamroque #saturdate #familyday #prince #mica #dubaiblogger #mydubai #myyellowbells #eidindubai #eidaladha

That's what happened when you have kids raised in the Emirate, they exactly know the places where to go. I said yes of course, it was a day for the kids to enjoy.

Breakfast became a quick trip to the nearest fast food we could find before driving back to the zoo. Spent an hour or so watching, observing and photographing animals before we head home to rest for a while and change outfits.

We declared it a free day so we can go anywhere we like. Ras Al Khaima was part of the plan, yes a long drive on a whim but an impulse to get lunch was even stronger. There came in the idea of a boodle fight and we found ourselves on this table at Asian Flavors Restaurant in Al Qusais between Beirut and Damascus Street by lunch time.

Boodle fight is a Philippine military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the "eating combat". With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position.Urban Dictionary.

It is now being adopted as another way of dining among Filipinos because it is fun and it symbolizes unity among friends, family and community, no inhibitions, no reservations. Asian Flavors took this idea to another level by serving it in their restaurant and since then, they've been flocked by Pinoys here in Dubai. 

Here is what we have tried

Masskara Festival Boodle Feast. It has garlic and plain rice, prawn, noodles, crispy tofu, salted eggs with tomatoes, chicken inasal, grilled milk fish, fresh green salad and grilled eggplant salad. all for AED 199 or $ 54, this meal is good for 3-4 people or more depending on your appetite.

There are other boodle fight sets inspired by the different festivities in the Philippines like Lab-As Seafood Festival, Buglasan Festival, and Tanjay Fiesta. They also have Indo-Chinese Feast, Mumbai Festival and Taj Festival and lastly a Birthday Boodle all prices at AED199 only.

Everything on this set was cooked just right, the way it should be  and good enough for me and the family with a promise to come back. The only question on our mind was from where do they get the banana leaves and how do they replenish the stock? Can someone enlighten me.

If you would like to try it, be sure to call to book a table. They are very busy and it waiting time can be up to an hour.

Have you been to Asian Flavors and dine this way? Share us your experience below.


  1. Boodle fight!!! Grabe!!! Sobrang sarap sa picture palang!!! :-)

  2. I promised my former colleagues to treat them in Boodle Fight dining in few weeks time. Some of them already tried it and was satisfied with the price and taste.

    I'm looking forward to trying it myself here in DXB. Sa atin kasi I tried Seafood Island with my family last December; was fun eating too!

    1. when are you planning to go? Maybe we can go with the rest of the blogger peeps

  3. Havent gone to the branch above of Seafood in a Bucket, but we do frequent their Karama branch, almost every week now that there's no more long que :-)

  4. Thank you for leading me to this post, I learned something new today! Sounds like the Arabic way of eating - a tray filled with food shared by 7 people/ tray, except that this is more exotic! There's something really cool about banana leaf spread. I will try this one day. Need to gather a few adventurous friends to take along. Took me years to try the Indian banana leaf meal really.. even then my husband chickened out and went with a plate! No fun!

    1. You're welcome Ms. Ida. Yes it is somewhat similar to how Arabs eat. A bit challenging, quirky but fun


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