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An Old Christmas Wish

Back in 2009 around ten days before Christmas I created a wish list and posted it here on the blog, wish one and two, three and four. I intended to have ten but I only had four,  the ones that I really wanted and care about. That was the last wish list I made ever since.

It is this time of the year again and we are down to thirty five days before Christmas. Looking back to those wishes I made, I realized that all of them had already came true. All happened on different occasion and timing but everything was given, all my wish came true.

This year I only have one wish and in my heart it is what I desire the most. I will keep the faith and pray for it to happen real soon. Sorry if I am not able to share it with you because it is too personal.

In the mean time to add a little Christmas cheer in this space I am sharing with you the time lapse video of me and the family putting up the Christmas tree at home. Although it was cut short because my phone died on me, I still love it.

Prince once again put the star, Mica was fighting to do it this year since Prince did it in to two consecutive years already but being the loving and understanding sister that she is, she let her little brother do it again for the third time.