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Zuri Asian Fusion Restaurant

I am afraid my photos may not be able to give enough justice to exactly how beautiful each food creation was at Zuri Asian Restaurant at Auris Plaza Hotel Al Barsha Dubai hence I inserted this video but as usual I also took tons of pictures.

Zuri offers a unique dining concept where you can choose as many dishes as you can from a menu selection of starters, main dishes, desserts and mocktails for only AED225.

Hats off to Chef Dewet Van Der Westhuizen for coming up with a fusion of delectable Asian dishes while adding an international twist to it.

If it's not too much to say, it's a crime for any food blogger not to take photos of her/his food before savoring every bite. Behold I present to you the stunning and flavorful dishes that I have the privilege of tasting beside two talented friends and co-bloggers, Angelo of Beyond Toxicity, Sheila of ABandME. I also had the chance to meet Sarah of On Cloud Zen that night.

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Each plate served in front of me was so pretty I can just stare and adore it all night long but unfortunately I was there to review the food so it would be so unethical of me not to dunk my cutleries to some tender confit duck with hoisin foam, butternut squash pure, saffron raisin and spring onion and beef cheek in thai broth, rick thick coconut risotto, sauteed green bean, peanut crumble and garlic chips dish like these ones.

I felt like a judge at a Master Chef class only being served with an already perfected dish each time.

The seafood was equally delectable and again brilliantly plated.

My soup was lobster, scallop, bisque, ginger and ikura

The prawn may not look exactly the same on the photo in the video above but it doesn't mean it didn't taste divine. I am a sucker for prawn dishes and I am so happy with this dish. It was gone in sixty seconds :D

For someone like me who has a very low threshold on saltiness, the scallop dish is a little salty but it was balance by the sauces of miso cauliflower puree, starfruit sambal.

Pique to try a vegetable dish since it already got a thumbs up from Sarah, I ordered the smoked tofu topped with noodle and papaya salad and shitake, shimeji mushrooms, black and white sesame crunch on the side and I must say it was really yummy

The mocktails that I ordered paired perfectly with all the dishes and the mango coconut and chilli won our hearts. These two below also have my votes.

I opted for a dessert that has less chocolates in it, I only have a little room for dessert so this one is just right to complete my meal. It was nonetheless satisfying good to end such a wonderful dinner.

For a detailed menu of Zuri Asian Restaurant click here. For reservations +9714 455 4800