Dubai Shopping Festival - A Journey to Remember Forever

Bye January hello February!!!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and I am so excited to face it even I am uncertain of what it can bring which I hope would be good luck and more blessings for all of us. February please be good to me. Well actually, my January wasn't so bad either even if I didn't win anything from so many raffle coupons I filled up this DSF, still I had a blast. DSF is one of my favorite months in Dubai because it is the time when one can actually buy stuff with bargain prices and enjoy the festivities with the family. Yesterday my kids had their first kite flying experience during the Dubai International Kite Fest 2015 and we really had a good time.

DSF has become a part of every expat life living in Dubai and all the tourist who comes here every year to join the festivities. My friend Ian have something to say about it and I would like to share it wit you. This is the core, the heart of DSF.

Dubai Shopping Festival - A Journey to Remember Forever
From A World Class Shopping Experience to a Global Masterpiece 
By: Ian Borromeo

Who would have thought that one festival can produce hundreds of exhilarating events, thousands of lingering smiles, and millions of lives changed? Dubai Shopping Festival is the quintessential celebration that vindicates the saying that in Dubai - nothing is impossible.

Amidst the glittering fireworks in the sky, from the birth of a new year, is the inauguration of Dubai Shopping Festival, a wide array of festivities that sparks and touches every human heart, not only for its world class shopping experience, but for instance, a loving father who was able to bought his son’s dream toy at a discounted price and made him feel like the happiest boy alive. It is not just about the glamorous musicals, but for instance, an old single lady, who found a new friend upon watching Mamma Mia! and said to herself, the next time she watches a musical or a play, she doesn't have to be alone again. It is not just about the fantastic list of events, but for instance, a family who found time to bond together, and watched The Smurfs comes to life on stage, that brought priceless smiles to their faces. It is not just the different products sold over The Ripe Market in Zabeel Park, but for instance, it is the saleslady who got promoted by her employer from selling a large number of chocolate pancakes and is now looking at a better future. It is not just the huge discounts from Market OTB, but for instance, it is the drive to support the campaign of sustainability, nurturing our nature and promoting a ‘greener’ world. It is not just belting the remarkable high notes of a Whitney Houston song, but for instance, at Rigga’s Got Talent, a chance to showcase the world, a nanny’s secret passion and talent for singing. It is not just the class and colours of art, but for instance, at Latin Art Festival, it is the artist who built more self-confidence when hundreds of people appreciated his eccentric piece of art. It is not just the enormous pavilions covered with bright lights at Global Village, but for instance, it is the 202 nationalities coming together in peace and harmony, sharing a good life in Dubai. It is not just the millions worth of prizes won at the raffles, but for instance, it is the taxi driver who won a diamond ring, and can finally ask the hand of the woman that she eternally loves for marriage or the 5 year old kid who won a car that granted her father’s ultimate dream or the grocer who won a kilo of gold that will better his future. 

Dubai Shopping Festival, aside from the wondrous festivities and offerings , is also a beacon of hope for everyone who believes that dreams do come true and is a pillar of strength for everybody that has faith that tomorrow will be a brighter day. Dubai Shopping Festival is an event to remember and a global masterpiece that unifies everyone, from all nationalities, from all walks of life in one city that we all love - Dubai. On February 1, 2015 - Dubai Shopping Festival will come to its conclusion and will come back next year, but is not about how the festival ended, it is never how it reached its destination - it is always this beautiful journey that victor hundreds of events, captured thousands of smiles and changes millions of lives - forever.

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