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There is a little bit of Italy in Jumeirah and it is called Per Te with which we had a privilege to see the grand opening two weeks ago.

It is just behind Jumeirah Plaza but getting there is a little tricky so follow the instructions carefully.

Take first right after Jumeirah Plaza, take right again and immediate take a left turn on the next street (12 C) and head straight until the road bends and there it is.

There is a big easy to spot Per Te sign board and take note of this pretty French windows.

My brother and I actually arrived early so I went straight to take some photos (well actually lots and lots as usual) of the beautiful center piece table of aperitivo situated between the wood fired-oven pizza counter and the coffee shop counter.

Everything tasted wonderful but here's two of my favorite because the cheese monster in me can't get enough of this simple yet so delectable offerings.

Caprese on a stick
Giant Cheese Block
After admiring all that tasty work, I went around to see the place

Here's a little market place illuminated by a little pretty chic chandelier

Relax and spacious coffee shop 

Pizza kitchen with a wood fired oven

The restaurant

The second floor of the restaurant

And the outside dining. If only we were allowed to climb the roof top but it wasn't ready yet.

After the tour we socialize a little

my bother, Shanveer (owner and MD of Per Te), Deepti and myself
my brother with Deepti

And a little bit more
Kristle Haynes, me and Deepti Chandak

and then there's dinner

Our three course dinner started with a complimentary clear mushroom soup served with black truffles pasta and some soft foccacia bread on the side. The soup was warm, comforting and super tasty. 

For the starter, we had some dishes my taste buds won't easily forget.

I had Fritto misto, sale e pepe or mixed fried seafood and vegetables with rock salt and pepper served with pesto mayonnaise and lemon wedges. My chap had bruschetta con pomodorini e basilico or grilled toscana bread with cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

The serving is huge so it is good for sharing. I think that their take on the presentation serving it on wooden chopping boards to add drama is pretty cool too.

The main course is either lamb or chicken, I was expecting some pasta dish but I guess it was a meaty night, it was good nonetheless.

My brother ordered braised lamb shank on a bed of creamy polenta and wild mushroom.

The meat was fork tender it is almost falling off the bones and it was flavorful. Should the polenta had more time in the stove it would have given up the remaining bitterness in it, otherwise it was perfect.

Just look at how my chap is enjoying his food.

I had pollo alla scarpariello or shoe maker's style baby chicken with carrot sauce and roasted vegetables.

I love how this dish was plated, beautiful contrast of colors. The grilled baby marrow was nicely charred however the broccoli lost the crunch. The chicken leg was cooked through but the breast part was a little dry. A little care in cooking this dish would make it a great one.

Dolci was tiramisu and is the only way to end our Italian dinner. 

If it wasn't late, I would have stayed for espresso and chat a bit longer with the host but there is work the following day so I kissed Deepti and bid adieu.

I didn't understand why the owner of this restaurant chose this secluded area until I took this last picture after the event when we are about to leave. Did you notice something? Yes the Burj Khalifa glittering from the distance. This is the view below but imagine sitting at Per Te's roof top, take a look at the photo above. Some good place to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve right? or maybe just to dine in any ordinary day when you are craving for some scrumptious Italian food and want a good view but away from the crowded downtown.

Have you tried Per Te, share us your experience below.

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  1. Great photos! Food really looks good and the place, too, very neat and clean.

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