BBQ Friday

Fridays in Dubai are meant for brunch, church mass (for my family ), mall hopping, shopping, movie time, beach days for many and dinner with your closest by night fall or just a relaxing day at home, it actually depends on how you want to spend your weekend.

We love BBQ brunch and the good news is there are plenty of places in Dubai that offer Friday brunch that includes pool access.

The kids want to go for a swim so we went to try Rihab Rotana's BBQ Friday last month.

The rooftop pool and snack bar was all prepped up for the afternoon happenings when we arrived.

Skewers of marinated meats and colorful veggies are already roasting on the grill, tables lined with pure white linen covers with huge umbrellas above them, blue sunbeds lined the side of the pool and the turquoise water was mirroring the sky. It was so enticing, it made the kids giddy and ask us if they can start swimming.

We allow them to enjoy the water for a few minutes before sharing a good meal

A platter of freshly grilled meats was served on our table. There was a decent buffet spread of spiced grilled corn-on-a-cob and skin-on grilled potatoes, fresh salads and cold mezze to go with the bbq and then some fresh fruits for a light and refreshing dessert.

Fresh juices are also available, this cucumber-lime-mint concoction is very refreshing, I love it.

After a hearty meal, I went to change and followed the kids in the pool. My eldest daughter Micaela knows how to swim but my little guy is still learning and his sister was more than happy to stay by his side while I change. The dad just recovered from flu and fever so he stayed by the pool side watching us and taking photos.

It was a beautiful day to relax and unwind, we had clear blue skies and cotton candy like puffy clouds and it wasn't that cold for me and the kids to go for a swim.

When the time is up, we went to take shower and change. There was a shower by the pool area but the changing room was at the gym down below where one has to go down a semi-spiral stairs. Honestly, it is cumbersome for parents to take the kids down the stairs while still soaking wet. I think a changing room in the pool side is necessary to make it more family friendly. There I said it but I don't have any other major concern except the above though.

There was a life guard by the pool while we were swimming, the place was well kept, we enjoyed a delicious meal, the staff was attentive and friendly and the atmosphere was great. I can't ask for more, it was a great family day indeed.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Friday! I'm always down for brunch :)

  2. Such a perfect way to spend a Friday! Looks like you guys had a great time. :)

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