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Guess caught me off guard when their invitation for the SS15 Exclusive Fashion Show and Party to be held at the picturesque Bab Al Shams Desert Resort arrived on my inbox. I palpitated for a minute before coming back to my senses.

I didn't know what to wear!!! I don't have anything to wear!!! I am officially panicking.

Then I remember that I have this new maxi dress I've been saving for some event that I don't even know what is.

Yes I am very excited, it's GUESS and I don't know anyone who doesn't love Guess!!!

Although I have received a few invites for spring and summer fashion shows, this is the first fashion event I am attending this year. Thankfully, Krissy of K Vanity Project accepted to join me.

GUESS showcased its elegant range of dresses and spring summer 2015 collection against a picture perfect backdrop of beautiful sand dunes at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort in Dubai.

The mood of GUESS fashion show arena was transformed into an Arabian night with lamps, camels and bedouin style tents. The media and fashion-conscious crowd were welcomed with refreshing drinks and canap├ęs.

The strong natural sunlight highlighted the catwalk whilst the pastel‐colored garments, classic denim jeans, and pretty dresses complemented the vibrant colors of the landscape. Overlooking the seemingly endless Arabian Desert, the venue transformed with the amazing vistas of the sunset. As the scenery softened, so did the clothing.

The womenswear and menswear collection presented by the models showcased the most anticipated fashion-forward silhouettes of the summer season. For women, evening gowns, cocktail dresses and smart casuals in hyper-saturated floral, paisley, and sexy animal prints dominate the delivery in hues of baby pink, peach, blue and monochrome palette. Mini dresses with gold chain and zipper detailing adds an unexpected touch to the silhouettes and a bit of edge to the ultra-feminine collection. For men, gingham shirts, dress pants, distressed and ripped denim and many graphic print t-shirts offer an urban and street style look in this spring’s offering.

These are my personal favorites
The dresses looks amazing especially the third from the left
Loving the colors and prints of the menswear

 And for the finale, a lady in white boho chic dress alight a camel caught everyone's attention

An after party followed the fashion show

with the fashion bloggers Paul Ramos and Krissy Pronto

myself and Moh of WeTrendStyle
Took one last shot before leaving the scenic Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

All photos were taken using iPhone 5s


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