Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's A Date with Disney On Ice

I've been flooding the blog with food posts lately so I thought of posting something different and something special today.

It's about me and my daughter having a date and watching people perform on skates

But they are not just regular people, they are the Disney Princesses and Heroes of Disney On Ice including the very famous sisters Queen Elsa and Princess Anna and the lovable and funny snowman Olaf of the award winning Disney movie - Frozen.

This year is Disney on Ice second year in Dubai. I have not seen Rockin Ever After last year but I heard it was great.

photo credit: four communications
I received two tickets from Four Communications - Disney On Ice PR company in Dubai. I needed to buy one more for my five year old son but strangely enough he refused to go with us even if he likes Olaf a lot. He just wanted to go to the toy store and check out some toys, that's all. The thing with Prince, when he wanted  something, it is very difficult to change his mind. I wanted to take him with me but it's as if a co-incidence, the tickets were all sold out when I go online to buy one more for him.

So it was just me and Mica in the end.

Arriving at the venue, our excitement was heightened to see giddy children wearing colorful costumes of their favorite Disney characters, their parents looking all excited too.

I myself was also feeling very excited and so is my daughter. I asked her to stand under the Disney arch so I can take her photo. She was a little shy feeling little too old for it but I told her that no one's too old for Disney.

There were lots of Disney merchandise on sale outside the shows venue. 

Mica received complimentary Disney souvenirs when we went to collect our tickets.

This was the view from where we were seated. I didn't have a professional camera so all photos were taken using my iPhone. 

I'll be sharing the best shots I got and some of the supplied photos.

supplied photo

Supplied Photo

The first half showcased performances from Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Tiana.

My personal favorite were those of Ariel, Cinderella and and Sleeping Beauty.

There was just a fifteen minutes break before the second part.

This was the part that everyone was waiting for. To see the Frozen movie characters come to life. We noticed that even Mickey and Minnie changed their costumes during the second half.

When Elsa sang the hit soundtrack "Let It Go" everyone in the arena was singing including moms and dads.

It was such a remarkable show and we loved it. 

In the finale, we saw all the Princesses and Heroes danced as if they were in a ball. It was beautiful. It was hard not to feel like a kid again and I was quietly hoping it wouldn't end. 

Although the six days ice-skating extravaganza ended, it ended in a high note. More than 40,000 Disney On Ice fans flocked to the Dubai World Trade Center to watch it. 

Dubai for sure will be waiting for the next year show.

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