Pantry Cafe at Bay Square

The newly opened Pantry Cafe in Bay Square has an elegant industrial vibe. Offers premium casual dining that is not intimidating.

The kitchen is a natural theater with a mix of staff working relentlessly.

The dining area was divided into four sections. I liked this elevated communal dining setting but other diners beat us to it

that's alright coz we were seated next to the bar and by the entrance where we could do some people watching and where the view was actually cooler

Every bit of space is Instagram worthy and as usual I took loads of pictures.

even the exposed ceiling

Pantry Cafe takes pride in using organic ingredients and locally sourced herbs and vegetables in their food. Serving simple yet soul satisfying dishes.

We weren't actually prepared of what has transpired during this menu tasting aka brunch. If I knew it, I would have taken with me my big ol' appetite and ten of my pals. (not kidding) We ate all that's on the menu

Every dish that arrives on our table was beautifully presented.

The three items on this plate are all a winner especially the savory mushroom waffles. I normally shy away from savory waffles but now that I have tried something this good, I'd love to order it at every opportunity. The kick of chili spice in the open eggplant sandwich was appetizing and the subtle flavors of the smokey tomato scramble balance them all out.

Savoury Mushroom Waffles, Open Eggplant Sandwich, Smokey Tomato Scramble

The green tea noodles were interesting but sad to say I'm no fan of cold noodles. The Kataifi prawn was amazing, crunchy on the outside and succulent prawns on the inside.

Green Tea Noodles with Smoked Salmon and Kataifi Prawns

Prince and Micaela liked their pepperoni pizza. It is delicious and the crust was crunchy and not soggy on the center.

This one is called Shakshouka and according to the staff is a best seller among locals

The organic egg has a perfectly runny yolk for dipping, the spicy tomato sauce wasn't too spicy and just right for my liking and the pita bread that comes with it was soft and fresh.

My kids loved their cookies and cream milk shake.

I had a glass of orange juice but gave in to a glass of salted caramel milk shake later on.

Ferald's current obsession is any drink with mint in it.

We were already full when the baked brie, Mexican chicken and burger sliders arrived on our table so we had a small piece of each for tasting. They're all good and I highly recommend it especially the Mexican chicken.

Baked Brie
Mexican Chicken 

Mini burger sliders (quinoa and beef) 
Some green tea is in order after that big meal and of course a special dessert sampler.

Each of us has our own personal favorite. Mica liked the churros, Prince ate the chocolate cake and Ferald and I had the caramel square and blueberry cheesecake.

I guess the cookie monster ate the butter cookies, it just disappeared from the plate and I didn't notice :)

If I can rate them like a boss, I will give them a 9.

Pantry Cafe is located in a new building called Bay Square in Business Bay. Be sure to check the location first or use your GPS to easily get there and avoid disappointment.

Update: Found the map on my e-mail and sharing it so you wouldn't have to look for it.

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  1. Pantry Cafe was one of our favorite breakfast nooks while still in Dubai. They had their branch only in Al Wasl Square at the time. It's only been a year since we've been away but I guess Dubai has changed a lot (yet again) since we left and we'd probably need a week or so to get reacquainted with it. 😂

    Food looks amazing!!!!

  2. Love the interior. Very refreshing and relaxing vibe especially this summer. So different from the other establishments in Dubai, but then design is ever evolving in this enigmatic city so I shouldn't be surprised. Your post makes me miss Dubai very much.

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