The Sum of Us

I always look forward to meeting my fellow Filipino bloggers in Dubai, be it in one of the events where we are all invited or just a casual meet up we have scheduled ourselves. I think I've said (written) this before and I'd say it again, it makes me feel happy to be with like minded people and who has got the same passion as I do. (welcome back my social life) (big grin + wink).

I haven't met Myla, Lady and Edcel before and I'm glad to meet them all this time. Big thanks to Gelo for summing us up in one place at The Sum of Us.

Located at the ground floor of Burj Al Salam opposite Dubai World Trade Center, The Sum of Us is another gem of the current trend in restaurant interior design -the modern industrial look. They say this one is very similar to Tom & Serge because it has the same owners, I can't really comment on that since I haven't been there yet.

I easily fell in love with this place and I guess I'm not alone. The cafe-bakery-roastery resto was buzzing on a Friday morning.

See what I mean? Seated on a long table on a crowded restaurant, we needed a loudhailer to talk to each other, Sheila improvised so she can be heard by the rest of  our friends at the other end of the table.

There's no doubt why people troop to this place even on a Friday morning when most of Dubai is still asleep, I would definitely wake up for this type of breakfast.

(little secret revealed) but yeah so now you know how to wake me up if you needed me very early in the morning.

Tzou Grazing Plate

Smoked Salmon Bagel
Scrambled Eggs
Morning After Wrap 
The Sum of Us Waffles
In between coffee and food was Doc Gelo signing Sheilas copy of his Travel Memories photo book 1st edition and her blank book - Ken's uniquely handmade Surath Journal

More catching up and even more photos before ordering desserts.

To sum it up, we had good food, good laugh and a jelly good Friday morning.

with Lady of Lady and Her Sweet Escapes
Myla of Find Me A Break
with Dubai Based Filipino Bloggers (L-R: Edcel, Myla, Lady, Carla, Sheila, Gelo and Ken)

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