Chez Sushi with Burj Khalifa View

The Burj Khalifa is a magnet and I sometimes feel helpless in its presence, I just got to take that shot whenever I see an unobstructed view of it. It is simply amazing isn't it?

Whenever I see a place like this, I always think of the new years eve celebrations. This is definitely one of the best alternative places to watch the fireworks instead of the downtown area for those who doesn't want to join the maddening crowd at the foot of the skyscraper (aka me.)

Can any one of you guess which part of Dubai this is?

This is at Bay Avenue in Business Bay, the same place where we went to dine at Chez Sushi a couple of months ago to get our Japanese food craving fixed. They have four branches in Dubai and all four branches have strategic locations. The other three branches are in Silverine Tower in Dubai Marina, Chez Sushi Al Wasl Road and at The Village in Arabian Ranches.

Chez Sushi's modern, colorful and funky interior made us smiling from ear to ear

and it warms our heart as the staff welcomed us with genuine smiles on their faces.

My daughter is a sushi fan, she lights up every time I tell her we will dine in a Japanese restaurant, in fact when she saw me writing this post, she had the sudden craving for sushi.

playing pretend with Chez Suhsi's edamame and sushi throw pillows "sushi vikings"
but Chez Sushi is not all about sushi, they offer other authentic Japanese dishes that will simply tickle discerning taste buds.

We started off with edamame with rock salt, prawn spring roll with wasabi mayonnaise that almost didn't see the light of (day) my camera if I didn't asked the kids to pause so I can take a picture first, followed by prawn and coriander gyoza with ponzu sauce which I simply adore, and the sweet and tangy yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) was so succulent and flavorful. The starters alone sated our cravings but we were just starting and there's more to follow.

My husband who has learned to eat quite a lot of vegetables by now but still doesn't (can't) eat mixed greens easily became a convert when he tasted the calamari salad with ginger dressing. Although it is the dressing that he liked a lot because it helps masked the taste of the vegetables, I am still happy because he ate the greens and it is more than enough for me, also giving us enough reasons to come back at Chez Sushi. We were told that Chez Sushi's dressing and sauces are made fresh in house everyday and that's a good sign.

Apparently this one is one of the best sellers  and now I know why. The rock shrimp tossed in creamy chili sauce served in a bed of mixed greens was to die for. It reminds me of our favorite prawn dish we used to have in another restaurant. This one is as good as its Chinese counterpart, also a best seller in that restaurant.

When it was time for the main dish, we opted for the customized sushi.

Yes, Chez Sushi let its customers create their own sushi hence the initiative called "let's roll." You can also order online and have it delivered at your doorstep too.

First you chose your wrap and rice whether brown or white, then the main ingredients (raw or cooked), the vegetables next, and then lastly the topping and the dressing. Be quirky or be simple, it's your call.

We let the sushi masters create a custom roll sushi for us and they came up with this two tasty sushi.

After savoring the last piece of our customized sushi, we also order the some signature rolls that's got weird names but excellent taste. Spider Maki (rock shrimp, cucumber, wasabi mayonaise and sesame seeds) and Dragon Maki (eel, prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber, and unagi sauce) rolls anyone?

It was Ramadan when ate here for dinner and at that time they were also serving a Ramadan Bento Box that consist of fried chicken katsu curry, mixed green salad with ginger dressing, miso soup and date mochi for dessert. Four Bento Boxes are still available as well as Party Platters.

We ordered an extra ice cream mochi for dessert with flavors of green tea, coconut and chocolate encased in soft and delicate rice cake pastry. I liked the date and coconut while the kids shared and enjoyed the chocolate flavor.

It was dark when we came out of Chez Sushi and this view greeted us after a hearty meal, we couldn't be any happier.

The kids been eyeing the play ground in the mini park opposite Chez Sushi since we arrived so we gave them the chance to play before heading home. Bay Avenue is a  excellent location and I simply love the idea walking in its street be it by day or night.

There's also a running track and open gym at the park.

If you are looking for a place to eat, relax and unwind with your friends or family, this place is amazing.

For more details about Chez Sushi, you may visit their website here and/or follow them on Facebook

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  1. I suddenly feel nostalgic. The tower in Bay Avenue was where I used to work and we were exploring restaurants here for lunch at least a few times a week.

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