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Edible Emoticons at Pie Face

Everyone loves emoticons and everybody uses them in social media to express feelings and emotions.

Some people can completely write how they feel using these electronic symbols.

But what if they are edible, will you still love them?

Well yes of course!! 

That's why Pie Face is gaining popularity in Dubai! Dubai folks are already loving this Australian pie brand simply because they are original, unique and delicious!

I shared this latest discovery with my family when we headed to Al Wasl Vita in Al Wasl road to visit them and try their famous pies.

Oh dear! I got to tell you, what's on the menu was simple yet complicated...

because everything goes complicated at first bite when flavors burst in your mouth and emoticons fly by to cloud your judgement but in the end you get that happy smile on your face with the feeling of satisfaction, that both the sweet and savory Pie Face pies gives you without mimicking the emoticon on the pie you are having except if its this chicken and mushroom.

My playful daughter volunteered to be my subject against the cool emoticon graphics on the wall

We were seated in this nifty little corner here with cool graffiti on the wall

and then we ordered the Sweet Smiley combos for everyone. 

It comes with a large savory pie (there are mini savory pies too), and a sweet pie with iced drinks or coffee priced at only 35 dhs. They also have sandwiches, specialty wraps and baked goodies

I had the peppered steak pie but fell in love with the chicken and mushroom that Ferald ordered, not because it was smiling but because it was delicious. Mica's first choice was the Thai chicken but it was not available so she had the chunky steak which she liked a lot while Prince had the classic minced pie. The pie crust is rich, buttery, and crunchy. 

As for the sweet pie, the ones we tried were very nice and you should try them all too. We had apple, caramel, lemon, chocolate and raspberry. These sweet delicate pies are filled with rich and creamy filling that taste so good.

We had fresh mint lemonade, apple lemonade and berry iced tea which were all very refreshing.

My children enjoyed their meal and I'm sure yours will like it here too.

These pies are perfect for that quick lunch or breakfast even light dinner, not too heavy but very filling.

Some people are angry when hungry so why not let Pie Face make you happy?

When we emerged from the pie coma, there is only one emoticon drawn on our faces, :) the happy smiley face


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