Can't Stop Dippin'

I will make any alibi just for Ferald to take me back to Arabian Center Uptown Mirdif again.

First reason being is I haven't explored the huge shopping mall yet and secondly, I'm craving for some smooth, silky and warm melted Belgian chocolate generously drizzled  in soft waffles, crepes filled with fruits, gooey brownies and most importantly I want to get my hands on again in that chocolate fondue.

Just take a look at that then tell me if you can resist.

It's called Dip n Dip Mania. It came with three dipping options that we asked for. My two favorites were strawberries and creme puffs, the kids like their marshmallows.

A favorite among locals in Uptown Mirdif with almost ninety percent patronage, Dip n Dip needed to open a bigger place to accommodate all their customers.

Red and brown is the motif of the store with leather chairs in the same tone and white tables. On the counter were small, medium and large chocolate fountains with milk chocolate, chocolate and white chocolate all of Belgian origin gushing down from it protected by clear glass covers.

We were ushered to our table and was handed each a menu. Looking at it, a flush of excitement crept in my daughter's face, my kids can't wait to order.

The menu has a wide selection of mouth watering desserts and it was hard to chose. Dip n Dip was keen to this so they add something on the menu to help out if you can't make up your mind.

It's called The Choice Helper Page

So basically, you close your eyes, move your index finger randomly around the page, stop your finger somewhere in the page, open your eyes and read the item under your finger. ORDER IT! As simple as that.

In our case, we played over and over again just for fun but we still ordered according to our preferences and recommendation of the staff.

I ordered the house best seller as recommended by one of the staff - it is this gorgeous looking Brownies Crepe with all three types of chocolate hugging the brownies and crepe inside.

and I paired with a warm cuppa tea

Moving on, Ferald ordered Banana Wrap Crepe. It's a crepe rolled like a log filled with bananas inside and covered with milk chocolate and white chocolate. He went bananas with his choice and...

 it did made him smile!

My daughter had a hard time choosing. In the end she asked for the chocolate waffle. She liked it as it was crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and very chocolaty.

Prince had an interesting order, he asked for the Fettuccine Crepe and it was quite a show when it was served.

When the staff arrived on our table she was holding a jar of milk chocolate, raise it up high then started pouring the chocolate into to the still warm fettuccine crepe on the plate below without any spills.

The truth is he is after the vanilla ice cream more :)

We had a little confusion with our orders so Prince had an extra waffle on stick with more vanilla ice cream on the side.

I know you will tell me, that's chocolate overdose and I know, I know NOW! We will take it easy next time. All I want to have on my next visit is the Dip n Dip Mania, I love it!

The portions are big and good for sharing and surprisingly, it is very affordable with price ranging from just AED 25 to AED 45 only. As for the chocolate fondue, each dipping option is AED 25.

I told my sister that there's a Dip n Dip in Doha and that she should take the family. They went to try it last week and by the looks in their photo, they seemed to enjoyed their dining experience as well.

It's highly recommended folks!


  1. Oh wow! Looks like chocolate heaven! That's my kind of place! ☺

    1. Yes Pam it is for chocolate lovers like you. Got to try it. It's amaaazzing!!


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