Friday Double Brunch at Nosh Movenpick JBR

Another Friday yet another fantastic brunch, this time at nosh Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

We've been in this restaurant twice before and both times were amazing. You can read about our dining experiences here and here.

nosh never seizes to amaze me. The kids buffet spread inside the kids room is wonderful. This is a wow factor for families and parents like me. It was so thoughtful of nosh to actually put up something really special for the kids, one notch higher. I think even the picky eaters can't say no to these, it's not just pretty but healthy too.

I have no problem with my kids eating habits, they eat what we eat but this surely made them smile wider.

The dessert spread will greet you when you enter nosh, nothing beats an array of sweets greeting you. There was plenty to chose from including several Thai desserts, the mango and tapioca pearl is one of my favorites.

You got to ring the bell for ice cream and the attentive staff will be with you in a jiffy. This time I asked for lemon sorbet for a change but it was way too sour for me to eat it all. Mica had chocolate and Prince got vanilla as usual.

I liked their non-conventional chocolate fountain although the chocolate sauce was a let down, it was not as silky and as creamy as it looks but the fruits (fresh and dried) marshmallows, and brownie for dipping are awesome.

This baked pumpkin with custard filling pique my curiosity and I wonder why no one has touched it yet. It turned out to be one of the best desserts in the spread for me. I liked its nutty flavor and the sweetness is just right, not too sweet nor bland, the cream lifted the flavor of the pumpkin.

The buffet spread has a wide selection of dishes from meat, seafood, Japanese, tandoori and Thai, in fact it's kind of overwhelming but in a good way.

We dined during the Thai festival in October hence the Thai dishes in the menu. This is a super late post for that promotion but NOT for nosh Friday Double Brunch and it is a must share so I am still telling you about it.

I don't remember when my daughter started her sushi love affair but she's in to it every time it is available and she gave it two thumbs up.

Prince on the other hand has always been a fish and seafood lover but he prefer simple ones. He liked the salmon and prawn dishes.

Kids are really big imitators. My son stopped me from dunking my fork to my food so he could take this photo, he is becoming more like me or should I say the whole family adapted the same habits now. Lol!!! Nobody eats before a good photo is taken.

If I remember it correctly, this is salmon in lemon butter sauce that Prince have on his plate, the salmon was cooked perfectly and the sauce really does wonder to this dish.

The smoked salmon screams deliciousness, the capers and pomelo slices gave it salty and tangy flavor. It actually landed first on my plate.

More of the fresh bounty from the sea in a bed of ice (prawns, muscles, calamari, crabs etc) with different sauces on the side and Ferald couldn't be any happier.

so much fresh salad and appetizers I feel like i'm in heaven

For the carnivore in us, there was roasted meat and lamb, then there's Yorkshire pudding, roasted vegetables and potato to accompany it.

I had a couple slices of the roast lamb and it was good, tender and flavorful.

Outside, there was another roasting station but you have to go down a plight of stairs and pass another restaurant to get here.

Back at nosh, there was also the chicken tandoori and peking duck dish, I haven't tried them as I had enough but they both look very appetizing.

There was also a live cooking station where the chef prepare fresh stir fry dishes.

and a self serve juice and mojito station. You can have your mojito mixed with house beverages if you like but Ferald and I pass because we have another event after brunch.

nosh is pretty but I don't get the layout, it is just weird but the food and service is good and that's why we will keep coming back for brunch here.

If you would like to take your family for Friday brunch, nosh is a very good option. Try to get a table outside since the weather now is amazing.

Thank you nosh Restaurant for having us.

Friday Double Brunch is open with a lunch-brunch from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm or the evening brunch from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Packages start from AED 205 per person, including buffet and soft beverages, AED 315 per person, including buffet and selected beverage package to AED 535 per person, including buffet, selected beverage package and bubbly. Kids aged six and below dine complimentary, whilst those from seven to twelve will get a 50% discount.

nosh Restaurant is located at Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster A. For reservations, call +971 4 438 0000.

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