Dubai Food Scene: Tuesday Asian Night at The Avenue Restaurant Gloria Hotels and Apartments

I am sold to those who give reverence to Filipino cuisine and I am elated to know that The Avenue Restaurant in Yassat Gloria Hotel and Apartments serves Filipino dishes in their Asian Themed Nights every Tuesday. Something that we seldom see in other restaurants that offered Asian-themed nights dinner.
They invited us to try their food and I am very excited to tell you about The Avenue's impressive menu. Filipinos love good food and I am sure this is going to be a hit among the Filipino community.

This is Kare-kare, one of my all-time favorite Filipino dishes. Kare-kare is stewed ox tail in peanut sauce with steamed eggplant, string beans, and bok choy. This dish is normally cooked a little bland because it takes its saltiness from the shrimp paste or bagooong. This one was already tasty, it's probably the reason why the shrimp paste was missing in action but kare-kare is not kare-kare without bagoong.

The Chopsuey (stir-fried vegetables) was cooked perfectly. The vegetables have a bite to them. There was also Pancit (glass noodles with chicken) not photographed. I've been told that our favorite and famous Adobo is also served on some other nights. They're probably alternating the dishes they serve every time.

In Thailand's food section, the dish is red snapper with green curry sauce, the fish is flaky and moist and the sauce is thick and delicious.

Chicken Devile is a Sri Lankan dish. I was afraid to try it, as the name suggests and by the looks of it, it seems that it is a super spicy dish but I gave it a try and it wasn't so spicy after all. In fact, it was really good.

From India is Nalli Rogan Josh with white rice. The dish sounded like a person's name. I wonder who he is. I didn't try this one but hubby did and he liked it. The meat is tender and it is a perfect rice accompaniment.

From India as well as the famous Chicken tandoori. I love this chicken dish, although it is spicy, the heat from the chili is tolerable.

Duck dishes can be from anywhere in Asia. A good duck dish in my book has tender and moist meat and no after taste just like this one which comes with a beautiful sauce on the side.

Lastly from the land of the rising sun, from Japan is this grilled tiger prawn with teriyaki sauce. It is really good, the wait staff even mentioned that this is the best in the spread.

There were so many dishes to choose from and I wanted to try them all so I took a little of each to try. Here is my plate from around Asia that satisfies my Asian palette.

For sushi and maki monsters, a huge rainbow platter of this favorite from Japan is on the spread together with the other appetizers

Desserts followed the theme too.

More of the generic dessert options

If you think you already had too much then here's something light, an assortment of fresh fruits. There's also ice cream for the kids.

We were there during the holidays hence the decor.

We love the food, the kids liked what they ate and the husband was highly satisfied and commented that this is a place he can recommend to his colleagues and friends and I completely agree.

The Avenue is a beautiful and spacious restaurant, a good place for family dinners, parties, and company functions.

Here are the themed nights you can try at The Avenue

Sunday – Arabic Night
Tuesday – Asian Night
Thursdays - Seafood

The Avenue
Yassat Gloria Hotel & Apartments
Dubai Tecom Area - Sheikh Zayed Road
For bookings call +9714-381-8888

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