Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bentgo Kids to the rescue!

I finally found the perfect lunch box for my son.

I've been looking for this type of lunchbox since my eldest started school many years ago but to no avail. I can't tell you enough how frustrated I was with the lunch boxes that's available here in Dubai. My daughter always come home with a messy lunch box carrier. Now that she's in Grade 7, she brings pocket money to school and buy lunch from her school canteen.

Thankfully, Abigal and I became friends. Abigail of Cuddles and Crumbs is a Dubai based mommy blogger who carefully and lovingly prepares bento boxes for her kids and every time she has a new design she shares it in her instagram. Here is her latest bento box, Minions!!!

She was very kind enough to help me to obtain this Bentgo Kids from the US. My son's school lunches don't look as pretty as her bento boxes but I am really happy that my son can open his lunch box and find his food in neat condition. 

This Bentgo Kids lunch box is spill proof and that's what make me the happiest mom. I don't normally share my bento boxes but I feel that many moms with school children will benefit to have the same bento box.

Rice, bistek tagalog, apple slices, grapes and yogurt

Rice, chicken bbq, orange slices, animal shape biscuits and m&ms

Puto (rice cake), bbq chicken, apple slices, pretzel, and biscuits

Rice, orange slices, beef picadillo, glucose biscuits, and sour gummies

Rice, egg omellete, orange slices, sausage slices and ketchup

I know that I need to incorporate more healthy stuff in this box. Add more veggies I suppose, I only realized now that I put all the photos that I have given Prince fruits but no veggies. I'll keep that in mind. You might have noticed that there is always rice, Pinoy's are like that, rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. :)

Do you pack lunch boxes of your kids? Which type of lunch box do you use? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Aww Thank you! Lunchboxes with compartments just make packing school lunch easier :) Happy to help and inspire.


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