Dubai Food Scene: Breakfast for Dinner at Denny's Al Manara Sheikh Zayed Road

Al Manara street along Sheikh Zayed Road is a popular destination among foodies in Dubai. There are many restaurants that lined the street. There's Olive Garden - another American chain, plus a host of other outlets such as Jones the Grocer, Crumbs Elysee and Reem Al Bawadi. A recent addition to this growing strip of restaurants is Denny's - a South-Carolina based restaurant that took Dubai by storm. It opened last December 2015 and is located in the same building of Bertin Bistro. An invitation for their grand opening landed on my inbox but unfortunately it was conflicting with my work schedule.

I've been seeing mouth-watering breakfast specials from my friends social media posts but I didn't have the chance to visit the branch in Al Ghurair Mall in Deira. I only managed to go to the new branch to try my first ever Denny's breakfast during my short leave last holiday season and I am hooked.

I first took the family in Al Manara branch and then in Al Ghurair branch. I also took my friends and colleagues in Al Manara for lunch and they loved it.

It is easy to fall in love with Denny's, delicious comfort food with affordable price range and the best thing ever, they are open 24 hours. Yes, they are open round the clock. Finally, there's a place where we can dine in the wee hours of the night when craving struck.

Denny's Al Manara (Take 1)

When I first took the family to Denny's, we made a mistake of ordering too much food but I was told that this is a common mistake a lot of first time diners do.

When you go to Denny's, remember that this is an American restaurant chain and should expect a supersized meal like this one but it is also available in half size.

We've contemplated for a while whether to order half or full size nachos but in the end we ordered full size not really aware what's to come.

This very meaty nachos came on a huge platter and big flavor. A delicious medley of crispy tortilla, Pepper Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, nacho meat, freshly made pico de gallo and sour cream. This appetizer is good for 6-8 people and we were just two adults and two kids so we asked for the left overs to-go.

I ordered for myself some Lamberjack Slam as suggested by the waitstaff. It was a huge breakfast (I told you everything here is huge), quite a lot to type too :D.  It has two fluffy buttermilk pancakes, grilled turkey ham slice, two crunchy bacon strips, two sausage links and two eggs plus hash brown and choice of bread. I enjoyed my breakfast for dinner but it was really quite a lot to finish.

Mica ordered chicken pasta in alfredo sauce, the sauce was creamy, the tomato relish was fresh and the pasta was cooked al dente although the chicken was a little rubbery

Ferald decided to go for rib-eye steak and shrimp instead of the salmon dish but he didn't like the shrimps as it was overcooked while the steak is flavorful but not sensational. The sides (corn and mashed potato) was perfect.

Denny's have a separate meal for kids with good options. We ordered a breakfast meal for Prince but he was way too sleepy to eat his food. We ask for it to-go and he ate it before we went in the cinema to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The family's overall dining experience At Denny's Al Manara was good with a few slips but we were sure to come back, anyway Ferald still needs to try that grilled salmon dish.

Denny's Al Manara (Take 2)

My friends wanted to eat out for a small farewell lunch for one of our colleague who's leaving us soon. I suggested Denny's and everybody agreed to go.

Denny's Al Manara was busy at lunch time but it was a big place and there were still plenty of tables.

This time around, we ordered half size of the zesty nachos and it was more than enough for all four of us. Everybody wanted the grilled salmon in garlic and herbs so we ordered four with different side dishes.

The fish was flaky, moist and bursting with flavor. The whole grain rice was a perfect side dish, if only the broccoli wasn't overcooked, it would have scored perfect in my scorecard. The mac and cheese needs a little more cheese and it will be fine. The fries was ok but the mashed potato was really good.

If you will be dining at Denny's anytime soon, I beg you to order their apple caramel crisp. This one is made in desserts heaven. I'm not a desserts gal but I actually died and came back to life after tasting this one. I'm exaggerating because it was that good. I'll go to Denny's just for this, I promise.

Denny's Al Ghurair (Take 3)

We came from somewhere which I could no longer recall where and the only thing I can remember now was we were all hungry and it was late. Denny's was the only option so we headed to their Al Ghurair branch. It was amazing to see that even it was past midnight, the diner was full and buzzing. The weather was good with a little chill and a lot of people were seated outside.

We grab a table inside where is was nice and warm (we don't want to expose the kids in the cold) and quickly gave our orders.

This ultimate omelette is really nice except that I never really ate those toast that comes with it.

Mica liked the Belgian Waffle Slam, she shared the waffle with me and it was nice, I like it with lots of syrup.

The Bacon Slamburger sated Ferald's burger cravings

My baby wanted the sampler he saw in the menu but we didn't know that the chicken tenders were spicy so he couldn't eat it whist he shared with the rest on the table. Everything comes in big serving so sharing is good.

If you haven't tried Denny's I'd say you should. We might brush shoulders there, hubby was still craving for that grilled salmon dish. One more reason to come back to Denny's.

Denny's Al Ghurair
Al Rigga, Dubai

Denny's Al Manara
Sheikh Zayed Road

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