Soothe Away Aches and Pains at The Orchid Palace Wellness Spa

Thailand's The Orchid Palace Wellness Spa opened its doors in Dubai at Yassat Gloria Hotel Apartments last month. Located on the 8th floor of the hotel, Orchid Palace Wellness Spa boasts 17 treatment rooms for male and female with 4 rooms specialized for couples, a Hammam, and steam and sauna facilities. The spa also features a reception relaxation area decked with earthly tones representing authentic Thai aesthetics.

My friend and I received a complimentary 60-minute signature "Orchids Aroma Bliss" massage voucher during the opening night. We booked it the following week on a Thursday evening after a very tiring work week.

Orchids Aroma Bliss is a signature massage. It is an authentic aroma massage combining the best in Eastern aromatic oils and western body massage techniques. The careful application of pressure works to stimulate your nervous system. This massage combines the sense of smell with the healing power of touch. Essential oils highly penetrate to the skin. This massage increase metabolism, calm and relax.

Booking by phone was quick and easy, the staff were polite and accommodating to our request

From our office, we took the train from Financial Center metro station to Dubai Internet City and hop and skip our way to the spa, it is conveniently located at Yassat Gloria Hotel & Apartments right next to the metro station.

We were actually late for our appointment but they gladly took us in, greeted us "sawasdee kha", Thai's traditional way of saying Hello, by two ladies with big smile on their faces. The reception attendant looked for our names in the reservation sheet and acknowledged us. I was hoping they would offer some refreshments but there was none.

They have the steam room and sauna but the use of these facilities are chargeable. We skip it and went straight for the massage. While the massage therapists prepare the oils they will use for the treatment, they called us in the room to change.

My friend and I chose a couple room so we can receive the treatment together. I personally feel like having a massage alone, even very relaxing, can be quite boring but that's probably just me.

On the picture below is our treatment room, I think it is quite small for a couple room, for two people to receive the treatment and for two masseuse to move freely. To be fair, this was not the room for the signature massage we're getting but since that couple room was already in use (above photo), they have to put us here which was fine by me, only I think it is cramped for four people especially the beds are on the wooden floor.

Nonetheless, the room's soft lighting, the earthly tones, the soft beds and luxurious sheets and towels, scented candles, and the soothing music sets the mood for us to ease in a relaxed state.

The ladies handed us some hot towel to freshen up, soften the lighting a bit more then they asked us to lie down on our chest, my massage therapist arrange the towels and pillows to make sure I am comfortable.

She started massaging my back with warm oil, the gentle touch slowly intensified adding pressure to the parts of my back with very stiff muscles especially my shoulders. The Thai lady knew exactly how much I needed this massage just by feeling my muscles. She run her hands to my spine and shoulders and my bones cracked, it was intense but it was a good intense. I feel like I was being tortured at first, I wanted her to stop but slowly as my body get used to it, yearns for more pressure.

Then she move to my legs and feet, the pressure she was giving to my calf was a little too much for me but I endured it, I didn't ask her but I wished she massage my feet more. After the feet and leg massage, she get up to wash her hands, ask me to lie on my back, again arranging the towels so I am not exposed, she massage my upper and lower abdominal muscles, then my arms before giving me the most relaxing head massage.

They served us some hot tea in the room after the treatment and allow us to relax a bit more. I felt so light after I wished I am already at home and doesn't need to travel by metro for another hour.

I slept soundly that night and feel so refreshed when I woke up the next morning.

We had a complimentary Orchids Aroma Bliss massage but regular price is AED 340 for 60 minutes, AED 460 for 90 mins and AED 600 for 2 hours.

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  2. What a lovely place, and it looks like you had a very relaxing experience!

  3. After reading your post, I suddenly realized how much I need massage ;)
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