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I own a 16 GB smartphone and I don't have plans yet in upgrading it. I am saving up for our vacation to the Philippines this July so I am reserving the idea of buying a new phone for next year. I love my phone and I love taking pictures with it, I don't think I'll ever need to buy a DSLR camera (maybe in the future) but yeah I only want a compact camera with DSLR capabilities. I had a DSLR camera before but it was too bulky and I can't stand taking it to events I attend every time.

I take lots of photos, I guess we all do, (it's addicting right) so my phone storage gets full very quickly. A big chunk of my phone storage goes to images and it always happens that I ran out of storage while out and about so I have no option but to delete some of the photos which I haven't downloaded yet to my computer and that's kind of frustrating most of the time.

The good thing, I got introduced to this Wii-enabled Eyefi MobiPro 32GB SD card. ("bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?") Actually, I was asked to review it. I am not so much of a techie person but what I can share here so far is my experience using the Mobi Pro since I received it about 10 days ago.

The best thing Mobi Pro gave me is extra storage which foregoes the use of wires. I own a trustworthy 1 terabyte size Iomega and you might say that's more than enough storage but the difference is, I had to transfer my photos there the conventional way - with wires and I had to connect it to my computer before I can free up space in my phone and I don't have time to do that when I am out and about. The same thing with my phone, I had to use the wires, again. With Mobi Pro, images can be easily transferred from the smartphone to the computer and since I know those photos are backed up already on the computer and into the Eyefi app installed on the phone, I can delete pictures from the Cameral Roll and start taking more pictures. Isn't that great?


downloaded images to my desktop

As mentioned above, I can transfer photos from my smartphone to my tablet and desktop computer at home and other devices used by the family wirelessly. Mobi Pro got this default behavior of automatically transferring JPEG photos or videos to the free Eyefi Mobi app for iOS, Android and Windows Phones plus you can reconfigure the card to enable selective transfer - a unique feature of Mobi Pro, so, not all the photos you took will be downloaded.

An SD card reader is included in the box if your laptop or desktop doesn't have a built-in SD card slot. Plug the card into it and connect to your computer then enable selective transfer via the Eyefi Mobi desktop app, which I actually have not done yet so everything gets downloaded still which I actually wouldn't mind since I am not a professional photographer. It also comes with a hard plastic card with a unique 10-digit code to install the card's profile to other devices so that we can easily share the pictures with family and friends. The one thing that was missing from the pack is plastic storage for SD cards which is important in keeping this tiny piece safe and preventing it from getting lost inside my bag.

When you buy an Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB (also available in 16GB priced at $59.99) worth $99.99, you get a one-year free subscription to the Eyefi Cloud service worth $49.99 where you can store an unlimited number of photos but the images will not be uploaded to the cloud unless you sign in your account. The images remain stored in the Eyefi Mobi app special folder on your smartphones. I never use the cloud storage of my phone and I am relatively new to using this cloud thing but I can say I like how this cloud works, syncing images to all my devices and making my life a lot easier.

Also with the Eyefi app installed on your phone, there is a photo editing feature but it is limited to just rotating, cropping, and adding captions. Also, the photos stored in the app can be tagged and organized into albums for easy access.

This Eyefi Mobi Pro suits my life. So far I have nothing to say against it but I cannot give you a comparison at the moment with other available similar SDHC cards out there since this is the first time I am using a Wifi-enabled SD card which I am really happy to know about. It just works and solved quite a lot of difficulties I've got when it comes to photo storage and transfer.

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