Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar

Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar located at The Golden Mile, The Palm is their 11th branch in the UAE. ANCB is a popular cafĂ© in New York City’s West Village, founded in May 2002 with regular guests celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johanson, Jake Gyllenhal, Leonardo DiCaprio and Uma Thurman, is continuously expanding here in the UAE, giving locals and us, residents a taste of the best from the west.

The restaurant is immaculately charming with champagne colored soft leather seats, chocolate brown tables, marbled floors and floor to ceiling glass windows.

The counter displays mouthwatering chocolates, cakes and pastries

Also available are chocolate boxes for gift giving

Outdoor sitting is also available if you must but we opted to be seated inside, kids choice of course, like moths drawn to the flame we entered the brightest cafe in the stretch. It was hard to miss the chocolate bar because it was the brightest of all the shops there but I find it too bright for my eyes though but definitely perfect for my food photos. I don't know about the concept but softening the lighting a little at dinner time for a little privacy and romantic feel would be nice.

ANCB is one of the many restaurants that are in the Building 5 of The Golden Mile, The Palm. It is a fairly new branch still to be known to people who live and work in the area so this is a shout out to those who don't know yet, Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar The Golden Mile The Palm serves many delicious food not just cafe desserts and pastries in their restaurant and you got to check them out!

We arrived an hour early than our reservation but they welcomed us with open arms and big smiles on their faces. One of the waitstaff walked us to our table and gave us the menu. We took our time flipping each page as we listen to our growling bellies for what to order. They have wide selection of sliders, sandwiches, salads, steaks, pasta, chocolate desserts, coffee, juices, detailed breakfast items like omelettes, pancakes, eggs benedict and so much more.

We started with the drinks first and when this was served on our table, I knew that we were in for a wonderful dinner that night and I was right. If I remember it right, this is a lemon-mint-cucumber slush and one of the best if not the best I had. 

We didn't dive in to desserts that fast, we were there for dinner so dinner it shall be. Besides, Alison told people during the grand opening of the restaurant that she added many dishes in the menu so people could eat whatever they like anytime of day and I was happy to oblige because I ordered Eggs Benedict - with poached eggs - one still runny and the other not so runny, sauteed spinach and mushroom, cheddar on a bed of soft Brioche bread sprinkled with scallions. I just love my breakfast for dinner.

Hubby ordered surf and turf, with the steak medium rare, cooked as requested. The prawns were succulent, the yellow rice was good and the vegetables were cooked but still has a bite to it, the whole dish was beautiful.

Prince had a plate of fried chicken tenders and prawns on a bed of crispy Arabic bread with potato fries and tartar sauce on the side. He wouldn't want to share it to anyone but alas we convinced him to share the crispy bits :D

Micaela, ordered penne shrimp broccoli pasta with rich and creamy tomato basil sauce topped with juicy shrimp sauteed in roasted garlic butter sauce, fresh broccoli and bell pepper.

With such big servings, we were all full after picking the last bits of food from our plates but what's a trip to Alison Nelson Chocolate bar if we will not try the desserts.

It was difficult to chose, there were so many options and sounds dreamy and delectable. We love sharing and fondue was our best bet. We were served with a hot bowl of premium melted chocolate with mixed berries, banana and chocolate brownie to dip

Just look at those faces especially Prince. Love their reactions, these ones are never hard to please but are both bold and honest in their opinions. They gave the desserts two thumbs up. I always prefer fresh fruits for fondue over brownies or marshmallows but it was good too.

Actually my eyes were fixed on this double scoop ice cream and classic molten chocolate cake. It was a warm, gooey and chocolaty ending for a wonderful dinner.

Are you hungry now? Me too! Already then, you know where your feet must take you for that chocolate fix and yeah breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar
Building 5, The Golden Mile,
The Palm, Jumeirah

* We were guest of Alison Nelson Chocolate Bar but as usual, text and photos are my own unless stated otherwise.

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