Our Children's Birthday Parties-Two Ways

My kids have a six-year gap. Both were born in April but one at the beginning of the month and the other at the end.

We thought that celebrating their birthday at the same time is both practical and economical which we did during our daughter's 7th birthday and son's 1st birthday. We chose a date to celebrate it (Friday since it's the weekend and many friends can attend) and pour all our efforts to make it a memorable one.


Then they grew up and the day came when our pre-teen daughter and our six-year-old son have different ideas for a birthday party. The latter still wants a children's birthday party while his sister wants just a hang out with friends and schoolmates on her birthday.

Ferald and I only want what's best for our kids and we imagined the type of birthday parties we can give them but they are both growing up and their opinion matters so we ask them what kind of birthday party they want and they gave us totally different answers.

Prince: I want a birthday party at Mc Donalds. (totally for kids his age)

Mica: I want a birthday party at Al Mamzar Park with my friends and classmates.

Ferald and I who swear to provide enough for our children put on our genie hat and shazam!!! gave them the party they asked for. Not an extravagant one but something that we can afford.

Prince's 6th Birthday Party at Mc Donalds. 

Why a birthday party at Mc Donalds? Because he asked for it, and his decision made this birthday party planning simple for me because all I have to bring is the birthday cake and Mc Donalds takes care of the rest. They provide the venue with decorations and a sound system, a party host, food, loot bags, game prizes, a gift for the birthday celebrant, and a special appearance of our all-time favorite mascot Hamburglar.

Prince is six and I think this one will stick, something he can remember vaguely probably but will feel happy about it when he remembers. (I hope so)

I mean like this happy!

Prince cake was made by a friend, and cost AED 250. You can reach her here for personalized birthday cakes.

Prince wanted a Minion Dino Charge Power Rangers-themed cake, with a fondant topper and cream frosting on the side. Prince was very happy to see it for the first time, never mind if it wasn't 3D. Ube macapuno flavor of course (para Pinoy na Pinoy).

Our total birthday party expenses were 1, 690 dirhams. 

Here's the breakdown.
Food for approximately 60 people including kids - AED 1340
Deposit  - AED 100
Minion Dino Charge Power Rangers Cake - AED 250
Total Birthday Party Expense - AED 1, 690
That's AED 28 per person. The cost will vary depending on the number of guests you have and the price of the cake.

Message to Prince: Daddy and I love you so much. There's nothing in this world that can change that. We hope and pray to the Lord our God that you grow up to be a fine young man. We will be here to support and guide you always.

Come to the end of April and it's Mica's birthday celebration.

Mica's Birthday Party at Al Mamzar Park

This one is a bit tricky.

Since we knew that we will be celebrating at the park, finding a good spot and getting it first on a Friday meant we have to be there early (because parks here in Dubai get full easily, especially on Fridays, it's April and the weather is still good.)

When we got there at 11 am, there were already a lot of people. We tried to find the biggest tree that gives the biggest shade and we found this. Not the biggest one but the view is great.

Actually, there were bigger trees with bigger shade but it's either occupied already by other people or had too many roots sticking out.

For the food, we checked two Filipino restaurants that cater food, they cost the same and the menu is similar so I chose the one we always frequent, we love their food, and the taste is so close to home. Pampangenos is located on the 1st level of Madina Mall in Muhaisna. I wasn't really aware that these two restaurants are sister companies, I only learned later on when friends told us.

We were expecting 50 guests just like at Prince's birthday party so we ordered a meal of AED 35/pax for 50 guests. They have bigger packages if you want more food variety but I honestly think this one is just right for our birthday party.

It includes egg fried rice, lo han chai, sweet and sour chicken, pancit malabon, chicken bbq and sio mai, for the drinks we chose sago't gulaman and for dessert, buko pandan.

Our friends brought four slabs of lechon belly (not in the picture) cooked to perfection. Ate Mars and the gang, thank you!

Tables are not included in the catering service delivered at the park, good thing they were so kind to let us borrow the box where they keep the chafing dishes, we also scored a small table for AED 25 for the whole day.

To make the area look more of a party place and for guests to easily find us, we hang some birthday party banners and balloons we got for cheap at one of the supermarkets in town.

Two of Mica's closest friends came first and then the rest arrived after some time and they hang out just the way she wanted.

Our little girl growing up, no more kiddy parties for her.

Message to Mica: We hope (dad and I) that whatever it is that you wish will come true. We love you and we will be here to support and guide you in your life.

Mica's cake was from Lareens, our favorite sweets/bakery shop in Jamal Abdul Nasser St. in Sharjah that has amazing cakes, pastries, and traditional Arabic sweets, always fresh and always new. I went there before heading to the park, pointed at this pretty pink cake and off we go.

So what's the cost of our daughter's birthday party?

Here's the breakdown
Catering (food) - AED 1,750
Cake - AED 50
Decorations (Balloons and Birthday Party Banners) - AED 30
Table for rent - AED 25
Park Entrance for us and the caterer - AED 60
Total birthday party expenses - AED 1,915

Again, your total birthday party expenses will vary depending on the number of guests, we expected 50.

Not all invited came so we had a lot of leftover food which we were able to take home to enjoy.

Thanks to all who came to celebrate with us and to all who greeted our kids personally and online a happy birthday.

We don't celebrate like this every year, there were times that we just go out for dinner, have a small cake for the kids and that's it. The most important thing for the kids is that we are present during their special day and they'll be all happy and gay.

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