Garage Clothing Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 3 Ways

When Garage Clothing had a giveaway tour last year, I got myself a ripped, distressed boyfriend jeans. Thanks to one of the staff who literally ask me to turn around for her to see my hips and behind to tell me exactly which size will fit me. I have an hourglass body shape (or not) and I wasn't so sure in the beginning that what she gave would fit me but when I tried it at home, it was a perfect fit. I always have a hard time shopping for denim jeans and most of the time after trying it on, I end up returning it in the rack because it doesn't suit me.

Now, this Garage Clothing ripped boyfriend jeans that I got by chance is one of my favorite pair of jeans in my closet. Although I find it hard to style it sometimes, I already wore it three times, three different ways and I love it. Being an almost plus size me is challenging but as they say you have to learn how to dress your body type and not the size you want to be. Finding inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram helps a lot.

I can't wait to wear my ripped jeans again. For now here is how I wore it three ways.

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  1. They are super cute, and I love the way you styled them!

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