Sufra Friday Brunch at Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights

When I mentioned to my family that I received an invitation for a Friday brunch in Hyatt, Ferald and Mica looked at each other and said kunafa in unison. I can't help but laugh and reminisce that day with them. It was at an Iftar dinner at Grand Hyatt some years ago where we had the best kunafa in town, the best we've ever had until now. Even if we tried other kunafa's already, we always say that the best kunafa can be found in Grand Hyatt.

I hate to disappoint them but after salivating in the thought of that kunafa, I told them that it is in Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights brunch we are going and not the other property. They didn't mind, they said as long as it is in Hyatt then it is ok for them. It is the same property anyway and their hopes are high that they might get the same kunafa for dessert. It's done, I have to say their expectations been set and all I can do is to wait for their verdict, if the kunafa is served at the desserts station.

Friday came and we set off to Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights to try the recently launched Friday brunch at Sufra. The restaurant was not hard to find, it is at the ground floor of the hotel, climb a short plight of stairs to the main lobby and walk straight to the restaurant.

We were greeted by somewhat like a market stall of fresh tropical fruits

Freshly sliced rock and sweet melons, pineapple, and watermelon.

and eye-candies - doughnuts, Turkish delights, cakes, petit fours

and the controversial kunafa accompanied by a kind but rather camera shy pastry chef 

I approached the counter where one lady is checking the guest list. I gave my name and we were ushered to our table. The lady told me what's on the spread and where to find them. I love that introduction and then I was on my own. 

Sufra Friday Brunch features Mediterranean-Levantine, Mexican and Asian specialties, the menu is a combination of the cuisines of Sufra, Market 24 and La Tablita, the iconic Mexican restaurant of Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights. 

Price starts at AED 189 inclusive of soft beverages. 
AED289 alcoholic beverage package
AED489 Champagne package

Prince and I went to get his food from the kids section which is at the opposite side of the restaurant. 

They have chicken nuggets, smiley potato fries, spaghetti bolognese, mac n cheese and mini burger sliders. For desserts, they serve brownies, cupcakes, candies and marshmallows. 

Adjacent to the kids buffet set up is the Kidz corner. There's face painting, balloon twisting, and coloring activities to keep the kids entertained. It is really a plus for a restaurant serving brunch to have a kids corner to make it more family friendly and to allow parents to enjoy their food while the kids have a good time at the play area but what I find a little disconcerting is that the kidz corner was not inside the main restaurant. I am a mother and I don't have a nanny to look after my son while I eat my lunch, so keeping the kidz corner close to where I sit, close enough to rubberneck and check on him from time to time if he is eating or playing and if he is fine where he is, then only I can enjoy my meal, otherwise I can't leave my son to the opposite side of the restaurant while I eat inside. Sufra is huge, with sitting capacity of 160 guest, a little bit of planning the layout where to place the kids corner will make a lot of sense. 

I ask Prince to sit with us to eat his food. He is used to this set up and he is happy. He got his balloon sword and it is enough for him to give me a contented smile.

I noticed that some families with small kids who don't have child care also kept their kids with them and probably only after they have eaten then only would take the kids to the play area.

Prince chose his own food and ate quietly with us. I know it is not the same for everyone especially those with curious toddlers. I've been there too and I completely understand the predicament of parents dining out.

After Prince has settled down, I went on my way to the buffet spread to get my food.

La Tablita has all the things I love about Mexican food. Guacamole, fresh ceviche,  crunchy nachos, tacos, burritos and fajitas. I also ask for some fresh tamarind juice, very refreshing.

And then there's the maki roll station, beside it was the seafood station with all fresh bounty from the sea you could ask for. 

It's all fresh and delicious however I find my lobster tail over salted and I had to squeeze some lemon to it to even out the taste.

Checking on my other two companion, they both look happy on what's in their plate.

I think this is the first time I haven't eaten anything from the salads and starters but look they have a lot of options too.

instead, I make my way to the live cooking station and check on the hot dishes coming back to our table with these on my plate. 

A slice of roast beef, fillets of baked fish (my favorite), kebbeh, an eggplant dish and a roasted duck spring roll. Except for the eggplant dish which I find a little salty for my liking, everything else was delicious.

Ferald ordered some freshly grilled lamb chops cooked medium rare. Oh it was so good.

They also have prawns on skewer and more lobster tails

You can also order some fresh stir fries or help yourself with the fresh pad Thai is already on the spread but what I didn't notice if they have are the dumplings and fried spring rolls.

What stood out from all the dishes that we have tried were the red snapper roasted in salt crust and the slow roast beef in sweet Asian sauce (sorry I didn't check the name of the dish) but as my husband said, you know it's good by just the looks of it. He was right, we both liked it a lot. It was fork tender and melts in you mouth and it calls for more extra rice pillaf.

On with the dessert, all of us except for Prince, we all had kunafa and everyone agreed that it is as good as the first one we had and we couldn't be any happier. It is soft gooey cheese topped with thin but not very sweet kataifi sprinkled with grounded pistachio nuts. Yum.

Now is the season for watermelons and melons and they are super sweet  and very refreshing. I paired it with my kunafa and three different flavors of Turkish delight.

Prince helped himself with the chocolate fountain dipping some nice chocolate brownies.

That concludes our brunch at Sufra. As per the service, we were well taken care of, the waitstaff are nice and friendly. Even the restaurant manager came to check on us.

Service was fast and easy. We didn't have to wait for too long for our drinks to arrived on the table. All in all we are a bunch of happy diners.

Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights is located at the Dubai Creek opposite Children's City, Creek Park.

*We were guests of Sufra at Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights but all text and photos are my own unless stated otherwise. My opinions are not in anyway influenced and all are as per our dining experience.

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