Sort Out Your Salon Appointments with VANIDAY

If Zomato is your go to app for all restaurants, bars and dining places in Dubai and Uber is for all your private transportation needs, what is your go to app for all your beauty and wellness needs?

Did I hear you say VANIDAY?

For me too! 

VANIDAY ( is a wonderful app (available on both IOS or Android) that I discovered recently. It is user friendly and booking a salon has never been this easy. With over 700 member salons (ladies and gents), spa and wellness centers around Dubai in their sleeves with actual customer ratings, you can never go wrong with this app.

My hair needed some tlc and I used VANIDAY to book an appointment with Sky Star Salon in Al Rigga Road for cellophane color. Sky - the salon owner did my hair before and I was happy with my curls. 

I don't have Sky Star Salons telephone number though yet I picked up my phone, tap my VANIDAY app and booked away. All you need to do is 1. Discover. 2. Book. 3. Enjoy. How easy is that? 

I know, it's easier with pictures so I am sharing these screen shots with you for you to see how I booked with Sky Star using VANIDAY.

If you don't have the VANIDAY app, download it now, but before that, I have news for all of you!

Book your service with VANIDAY worth AED 80 or more and get a AED 40 OFF your bill using my voucher/discount code CARLA4VANIDAY!

Here's how to use it.

1. Tap on your VANIDAY app

2. Choose the service you want (I chose HAIR for example) and it shows me all the available hair services like below

3. Choose your service, I chose Hair Coloring

 4. If you have a particular salon in mind, search the salon instead of the service. If it is a member of VANIDAY, it will come out in the search, if not then it won't. Make sure you have the right spelling of the salons name.

 5. Chose the Salon and chose the service you would like to book

6. Tap on Book

7.  Chose the date and time. Make sure to book a couple or more hours ahead, for the time you prefer to be available.

 8. After tapping your preferred time, the screen below will appear. Check the payment method. Tap pay directly to the salon if you want to pay directly to the salon or tap on credit card if you would like to pay online

9. Tap add new card and enter your credit card details. Debit cards also accepted.

10. Enter the card details

11. If you have a voucher/discount code, the space to add it will be available only after adding the credit or debit card details. Enter your voucher code and confirm booking.

12. The voucher/discount code will apply.

As you can see, the service that I chose cost AED 150 and I used a voucher code worth the same that's why I have zero as current price.

Using VANIDAY app, you can manage your salon, beauty center or spa bookings at the touch of your finger tips anytime, anywhere.

Tip: To avoid any delay, there's just one thing to remember. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking, BRING A PRINT OUT OF THIS EMAIL as proof that you have booked and paid online or via the app because not all member salons are tech savvy, some will still ask you for a hard copy. 

For inquiries and support, they have an excellent customer service that you can call anytime.
Call VANIDAY at +971-52-428-4395 

You can also see until when you have the time to cancel your booking, exact location of your chosen salon and this is what I like the most, it shows you how long the treatment or service will last. Since you are aware of it, you can plan your day ahead, how cool is that?

Happy booking!!!

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