Kimchikin Al Ghurair Center

I received this invitation while I was on holiday in the Philippines last month and only get to try it out with the family the other day.

Kimchikin is the first Korean fast casual restaurant in Dubai and it was their flagship store that we visited at Al Ghurair Center. It is a Korean fusion restaurant that brings Korean dishes with a twist to suit the taste of different nationalities that live in Dubai. It can get as authentic as Korean taste since they are flying most of the ingredients and spices from South Korea.

It feels weird that we haven't tried an all-Korean restaurant/food at all before.

This is the first so we set our bar/hopes high despite some of the reviews we've read.

Positive thoughts!

So family lunch the day before yesterday was Korean food at Kimchikin. It was conveniently located Al Ghurair Center, one of our favorite malls in Dubai.

I wasn't surprised to find the restaurant nearly empty because it was way past lunch time. There was just two girls chatting happily while they eat their food. But just like us, some are also late for lunch so we've got company. A family of four which we thought were Filipinos but not and another group of six pop in and I am guessing they're all Koreans.

The restaurant looks huge from the outside but a little cramped inside. The lighter shades of orange and brown is the restaurants theme but it also helps the restaurant to look spacious. There are more tables outside but this is not the weather for outside dining right now. The air conditioning unit was working perfectly and I didn't feel hot at all, even the kids didn't complain. I don't know about Ferald because he was sweating even before we finished our food partly because he ate a spicy dish.

We were greeted by Raquel who helped us with our order. She has a pleasant smile on her face while she assist us and answers our questions. Some of the dishes on the menu are not available though, like the Bulgogi Ssam that I'd like to try so I ordered Katsy Curry Rice.

All three components were cooked perfectly and are good on its own but put them together and they take the spotlight from one another. I ate half the plate but after that I can't eat no more. It wasn't bad but it has that "umay'' factor.

Deep Fried breaded chicken and Japanese Curry Sauce w/ steamed rice on the side
Hubby and the kids were in unison ordering all fried rice dishes. Chicken fried rice for Prince and Kimchi fried rice for Ferald.

Chicken Fried Rice for Prince
 Kimchi Fried Rice for Ferald
Garlic fried rice for Mica. All three fried rice dishes were delicious with the top spot given to the Kimchi Fried Rice. We're Asian and we love our fried rice and all three past the test.

The Kimchikin Rocks rocks! This one is a beautiful medley of kimchi, chicken, and cheese serve with a garlic mayo dip.

We also ordered Kimchikin's best seller fried Zingy Wingys on spicy garlic sauce and soy garlic sauce.

This was spot on.

We love how extra crunchy this chicken wings are without the grease. Although fried twice using a Korean cooking technique, the inside was surprisingly juicy. Even the crisscut fries were good.

We haven't tried the noodle dishes and mamy of those on the menu yet so we have more reasons to come back.

The verdict: Overall, the food we tried was good, the service we receive was excellent and price wise, it is affordable

Have you tried Kimchikin before? Share you thoughts with us on the comment section below.

Kimchikin Shop E2, Ground Floor,
Al Ghurair Centre, Al Rigga, Dubai

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