Max's Restaurant Seafood Specials

It would be shellfish of me if you won't see this!

Max's restaurant is once again stepping up their game, adding irresistible seafood dishes to their menu along with the classics.

These ones are our favorites from childhood cooked by our moms or dads, now made gourmet by Max's talented chefs to suit the highly competitive dining scene in Dubai.

We know for a fact that Filipino food has always been conceived as exotic which is a big, big misconception. Just like our neighboring Asian country's food, many of our dishes are fresh, carefully prepared, delicious and nutritious regardless of what province it originated.

It's high time for Filipino food to be recognized as one of the best in the world!

If you want to try good Filipino food in Dubai, don't forget to include Max's Restaurant on your list.

Max's New Seafood Specials

Starting off with their Sugpo (Tiger Prawns) wok-fried in sweet chili, garlic and oyster sauce. It is definitely a must try. Succulent, juicy and the sauce is to die for but be ready, your hands will get sticky and saucy but finger licking good.

If you aren't comfortable using your hands peeling the prawns, they have another dish with the prawns shelled and deveined, ask for prawn in aligue sauce which is just as good.

The Inihaw na Pusit (Grilled Squid) stuffed with chopped prawn, onions, the tomato was cooked perfectly, not rubbery nor undercooked, served with spicy soy and lemon dipping sauce. I got to learn how to do those perfect slits on the squid, it just makes this dish look more appetizing. Plating squid can be tricky.

This one looks gorgeous!

It was delicious and I can't keep myself from reaching out for a second and third serving.

The Alimasag (Pepper Crab) tossed in black pepper sauce was left out at dinner not because it wasn't tasty but because to eat it is painstaking even with a crab cracker. I also need an apron to eat it so I don't mess up with my top. :D

Lapu-Lapu (Deep-Fried Hammour) the nights light and healthy option. The fish was moist and flaky however the batter was no longer crunchy when it was served. The sauce consistency was good, it is sweet and sour made fresh by the mango, pineapple, and capsicum.

The Tahong (Sauteed Mussels) is a revelation to me. I never knew I can eat and like mussels this much. I don't really eat mussels a lot but I tried this tahong dish and surprisingly, I loved it. I love the broth too, it has that familiar mild spicy ginger taste that's so comforting.

That's quite a seafood overload! Have you tried Max's Seafood Specials?

Then there's the Max's Classics

Beef Bulalo 

The Beef shank is simmered until fork tender, cabbage, bok choy, corn, spring onions added and kept to boil to render that wonderful broth.

Kare- Kare (Ox tail in peanut sauce made thick using galapong (rice powder) with blanched string beans, aubergine, and bok choy)

Max's Signature Whole Fried Chicken with sweet potato fries on the side

Sizzling Tofu

A humble and yet healthy dish made outrageously delicious by Max's.

All this washed down with a refreshing Kalamsi juice (Kalamansi is ubiquitous in the Philippines like it's lemon counterpart, a part of the citrus family)

Dessert Sampler (buko pandan, leche flan, ube pannacotta and the brownie topped with vanilla ice cream). Such a wonderful way to end our dinner! This one is always a winner for me with the ube pannacotta as my favorite.

Of course, nothing beats sharing delicious food with special friends and we are growing.

Dubai Filipino Bloggers with friends and family
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Thanks to Ion Gonzaga for organizing this blogger meet up and to Sir Art Los Banos for inviting us. It was lovely meeting Ms. Rachel Salinel of The Filipino Channel (fangirling here :)). Of course to Max's Restaurant, sarap nyo talaga kapiling!

Tito Art, Pam of Glimpses of Pam, Ms. Rachel, and MM of MMinDubai

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