Red Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant

You know how much my family loves Pan-Asian food. Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian


Chinese n top of the game but of course second to our own Pinoy food.

We Filipinos love two things, good food and music, singing in Karaoke in particular. Combine them and we are happy souls.

Red Dragon Restaurant is a Pan-Asian Restaurant located at Howard Johson hotel in Bur Dubai that offers Karaoke Nights.

It's simple. Dine. Eat. Drink and Sing. Yes, they serve alcoholic beverages.

We didn't drink tho but we ate and sang... a lot. Technically my daughter sang. She's not shy and sings better than me and her dad. The guests are mostly Filipinos and the microphone was passed on from table to another giving everybody a chance to sing their favorite songs. My daughter enjoyed the singing as much as the food.

Since singing is not my strongest talent, let me just talk about the food instead.


We started off with some beautifully shaped steamed dumplings, freshly fried crunchy spring rolls, and sticky and delicious sweet and sour buffalo wings.  The squid in chilli sauce and kimchi salad has the right amount of heat that made eating all the more appetizing for us.

Vegetable Steamed Dumplings in Bamboo Steamer
Main Course

Freshest stir-fried vegetables. I love how the veggies are cooked but still has a bite to it with the color still bright and green.

Vegetable Hakka Noodles. It was a little bland but easily resolved by adding some soy and vinegar with fresh green chili that's available on the table.

Vegetable Fried Rice. Made light and airy using basmati rice with fresh chopped carrots, green chilies and spring onions. A perfect pair with the Chicken in Hunan sauce.

Chicken in Hunan Sauce. Soft and juicy chicken pieces tossed with sweet peppers and spring onions topped with beans sprouts


For dessert, we were served with this simple soft scoop vanilla ice cream with azuki beans. You know that clichè saying that don't judge the book by its cover? That applies to this. Make sure to try it when you go to Red Dragon and then tell us what you think. I even told the manager that it's one of the reasons why I'll come back to their restaurant among all other reasons.

Red Dragon has a clean red and rich mahogany interior and we love it. It's exactly what you can expect from a Chinese restaurant.

If you are in Bur Dubai and looking for a nice Chinese restaurant, check out Red Dragon Dubai.

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