What my son Prince thinks about Yaya Vitamins and his ambition to become a YouTuber

"Mommy I want to become a YouTuber." Prince once told me.

"A YouTuber is a user of video sharing site YouTube. Someone who makes and appears in videos on the site." as defined by Urban Dictionary.

Prince is a fan of some YouTube sensations like DanTDM, FGTeeV, Stampy, iBallisticSquid...etc. Most of which are gaming and toy review channels.

I cannot deny the fact that Prince got his English speaking skills and accent mostly from these channels that he watches every day including Peppa Pig.

He thinks and sees that becoming a famous YouTuber will give him better life opportunities at his age like receiving lots of toys to unbox and review, free trips and hotel stay to Spiderman City as he calls it (aka NYC) for meet ups. He knows he will earn a good sum of money out of his YouTube videos.

We've been making videos of him demonstrating how to transform his Power Rangers Dino Charger toys and Optimus Prime Robot before but we never posted it on my YouTube channel.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a sample of Yaya Vitamins + Minerals and I wanted to see if the kids will like it. I ask Prince to give me his opinion about it while I shoot using just my iPhone camera. We both agreed and here's what he has to say about Yaya Vitamins + Minerals. He finds it sour at first but eventually, he likes it and takes 2 chewable every day to eat.

This is his first product review on YouTube

Yaya Vitamins + Minerals market price is AED 59 with 60 vitamins good for 1 month supply. Available at leading pharmacies across the UAE.

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