Monday, January 16, 2017

Steak & Sizzlers Festival at Al Bustan Centre & Residence

Steak is always a good idea.

Steak for brunch on a Friday is an even better idea and it was one of the reasons why last Friday was really awesome!

The second reason is, it was Ferald's day off. It was the first Friday that Ferald spent this day with us after two months (although those two months felt like forever.) His absence was work-related so we can't really complain but our weekends are never the same without him. Last Friday was an official family day out after eight weekends.

We pop over to Al Bustan Centre & Residence FOOD COURT for lunch to sample their Steak and Sizzlers Festival dishes. From 11 to 21 of January, from 12 noon to 11 pm every day, diners can enjoy a delicious steak and mouth-watering sizzlers at amazing prices. The steak and sizzlers promo is good for 10 days only and I recommend you take advantage of it.

When I called Wyndee, she asked me to go to the food court. When we arrived, a long table, all dressed up in white linen was waiting for us. The staff, the F&B Manager - Ms. Vicky and their Executive Chef, Chef Bhupal Tamang was also there to meet us.

Food Court is located on the ground floor of Al Bustan Centre and Residence shopping centre. They serve varied cuisines so there is something for everyone. Arabic, Oriental, Indian, Asian, as well as Italian dishes, are available.

Al Bustan Centre & Residence is a luxury hotel apartments. It's a combination of a shopping centre, residential complex, and hotel, that has been serving tourists and business travelers since 1997. It is one of those iconic landmarks of Dubai that I've always admired, always so pristine from inside and out.

"It has closely witnessed the rise of Dubai as a hub for tourists, and alongside played an eminent role in catering to its guests"

While we wait for our orders to arrive, we munch on some freshly baked medium size Margherita pizza topped with slices of cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. The kids like this simple yet delicious pizza. 

The crust, crunchy and the cheese, oh so gooey!

 We also had some cheese manakish

fatoush with super crisp romaine lettuce and vegetables and tabouleh salads topped with fresh sliced tomatoes

hummus and moutabal dips, all made fresh.

Here's the menu for the Steak and Sizzlers promo. All orders are served with grilled tomato, barbecue steamed vegetables, baked potato or steamed rice and fries. For the sauce, you can choose from black pepper sauce, barbecue or bearnaise sauce. Soft drinks are also included in the meal.

When we are done with the appetizers, the sizzling steak plates was served.

The sizzling sound and smoke coming from the hot plates makes us all excited.

I ordered for myself some ribeye steak. I'm not sure how big it was, I'm guessing it was about 8 or 9 oz ribeye steak

with some black pepper sauce.

The steak was cooked just as I requested, medium well. It was tender, juicy and so rich in flavor. I just love it, not to mention how the side dishes were perfectly cooked.

Ferald wanted steak but he is trying to abstain from eating so much red meat. He ordered the Norwegian salmon steak instead and our son Prince had the same. We took away some of Prince left over because it was such a big serving for him and we don't want to waste food. We re-heated and shared it at home the following day and it was still good. You can never really go wrong with salmon.

It's one of my husband's guiltless pleasures when it comes to food.

My daughter and her friend shared a sizzling plate of a well marinated shish tawouk and they were happy with their choice. The grilled pieces of chicken was juicy and delicious.

We ended our meal with some highly satisfying tiramisu and cheese cake from their Pasty Shop.

I looked at the display and was surprised at how affordable their desserts were.

This tiramisu was gone in seconds from my plate. I like that it was not too sweet, it was creamy and the coffee scent was just wonderful. I'm sure to come back shall I crave for something sweet again.

After lunch, we went up to the swimming pool for a swim. It is not included in the promo however the kind people of Al Bustan Centre & Residence gave us access. I wasn't sure it was a good idea though because with all the food we ate, I'm not sure we would be able to float. Good thing we have this super cute watermelon floaters from Tarsam Image.

We are just so happy to be out again on a Friday with our daddy.

It was a lovely afternoon. It was cold but sunny and Al Bustan Centre & Residence has a temperature controlled swimming pool so it was really nice to be in the water.

I am the one who's always cold but I didn't mind the cold wind at all. I was even brave enough to wear a proper swim wear that day.

Please tell me I don't look bad.

While we were there, some kids are learning how to swim.

Al Bustan Centre & Residence also offer swimming lessons with three qualified instructors so  if you would like your kids to learn how to swim, they are accepting students.

Mica already knows how to swim while I still need to enroll Prince for another lesson.

We left after an hour or so to go the Dubai Festival City to continue our awesome Friday famday out.

Thank you to the staff and management of Al Bustan Centre & Residence for having us.

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