#DaycationBrunch the Polynesian Way at Lapita Hotel Dubai

Have you been thinking where to go or take your family this coming weekend? If you're looking for something really nice and unique to try, then I might have just the right place for you.

We've tried Lapita Hotel Dubai's #DaycationBrunch last Friday and we really think it is something every family in Dubai must try. Especially this Friday, March 3, when adults get to eat for FREE!

More details below. 

Warning: Heavy with food photos, salivating can happen, read with caution :) book tables immediately if symptoms persist.

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Lapita Hotel Dubai 

Lapita Hotel Dubai is a beautiful Polynesian-themed resort located in the heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts where Riverland, Legoland, Legoland Water Park, Motiongate, and Bollywood parks are right at its doorstep.

It was a long drive from where we live but it was worth it. It is one place inside Dubai that can make you feel you're somewhere in the tropics, whereas for us, feels like home. We are from the tropical islands of the Philippines but since this is a Polynesian-themed hotel, you can think of Fiji, Samoa, or Hawaii of course. Your choice, wherever you fancy. I'm sure to add this hotel to my weekend staycation destinations list.

Lapita Hotel Dubai Complex

A warm welcome from Lapita

Lobby of Lapita Hotel Dubai

Welcome drinks at Lapita #DaycationBrunch

Everything at Lapita's #DaycationBrunch last Friday was on point. From the moment we arrive up until we left their premises was flawless. Probably the best brunch we've had in a long time.

We saw this after we were ushered to our table. Apparently, I have a tribe! and it made me smile from ear to ear :) Small detail like this makes a big difference.

Food and Drinks

Hummus Veggie Patch-very unique way to present some healthy food

When you come for Lapita's #DaycationBrunch, make sure you come prepared to chow down and have loads of fun. They have everything delicious you can think of. Plus they serve alcohol. Aloha!


I actually had a hard time deciding where to start until I went out to the lawn where you will find all the main dishes.

Kalea is a big restaurant which can hold probably more than a hundred guest at a time.


It occupies the whole lower ground of the reception complex with lovely outdoor terrace and lawn garden.

Live grilling station at the lawn

The outdoor grilling station has steaks, lamb chops, prawn, salmon steaks, fish, and lobster cooked and dressed to your liking served inside a grilled pineapple skin. There's grilled corn and pineapple to accompany your grilled items too.

There's also a hot pot station with freshly pulled noodles and plenty of add-ons to choose from. Perfect for this cold weather.

Pulled Noodle and Hot Pot Station

Get your Yorkshire puds and Sunday roast fix from the carvery station. I ask for some medium well part of the meat from the huge chunk of beef.

Carvery Station

Then there's the whole lot of Polynesian dishes, one of my favorites were the wok-fried duck in hot basil.

Polynesian Dishes

That's just the mains outside, there were still plenty of food inside the restaurant.

The maki monster in my daughter was very much alive that day. She was in sushi heaven. Look at that goofy smile.

Seafood buffet section

Salads and Arabic mezze

I found my favorite Indian foods, dahi bhalla and pani puri, in this corner here. It was the best dahi bhalla I've eaten here in Dubai so far.

And then there's a huge spread of sweet treats including some cool sub-zero choco caramel popcorn which was a hit among the kids.

This one was my favorite, too bad I forgot to check what it's called.


Luna and Nova Kids Corner

Did I mention we have three kids with us who had loads of fun that day? Who doesn't like foosball? Even I, enjoy playing this game.

Lapita #DaycationBruch has loads of activities to keep kids entertained all throughout the day. There was also a separate buffet spread dedicated just for them.


There was also a free head and shoulder massage for adults at Coola

Live Music

While we eat, this music duo serenaded us with beautiful songs that add up to the overall atmosphere of the day.

All-day Swimming Pool Access

Then there was the part that my son was actually been waiting for.


Lapita #DaycationBrunch include an all-day pool access. We didn't know we could come early to use the swimming pool, though. If you decided to go tomorrow, come early for the kids to enjoy it more.

Pool time was nice and we had lots of fun in the water, never wanted to leave. It was a bit windy with overcast skies, the sun was out but it was playing hide and seek with us. Lapita's temperature controlled pool was perfect for that much-needed dip.

Overall, it was a fantastic brunch. Something we can do over and over again. Exactly like nothing else.

As I've mentioned above, here are the details of the exclusive package for Friday, March 3. For more information, please click here.

Lapita Hotel Dubai #DaycationBrunch
Lapita Hotel Dubai, Dubai Parks & Resorts
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