Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade

Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade, also known as Rise DCH is one of the newest outdoor entertainments in Dubai we've visited recently. This project by property giant Emaar sits adjacent to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, an asset to the project which they promised to keep untouched and protected.

Dubai Creek Harbour will be both a financially viable and ecologically responsible city, built with future generations in mind, using every innovation to minimize its environmental impact. This world-class development will offer spectacular views of the creek and Dubai skyline-Emaar

and by that, they mean this.

When Downtown Dubai was being developed thirteen years ago, where the biggest mall in the world The Dubai Mall, the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, and the largest water fountain, the Dubai Fountain will be built, Ferald took us, including my mom and my sister and her best friend, to its sales center where we've seen for the first time how the futuristic Dubai will look like. We were so amazed of the project and never a second doubted it will happen. The only question in our minds was whether we will still be in Dubai when it materializes.

Fast forward to today, we are still here and living the dream and loving every minute of it.

Dubai Creek Harbour is happening. In a few years' time, if completed as per the given timeline, we will again see a new city by 2019, twice the size of Downtown Dubai, rise from the desert.

Once completed, it is projected to look like this.

While we witness the vision come into being, we get to enjoy organized events and activities Rise DCH has to offer.

Salt Food Truck, Karak House, Starbucks, and Vida Hotel food trucks were among the foodie providers.

A roaming robot, virtual reality installations, artsy water, and building projections, some audio-visual performances, live bands, movie projection, and some neat little Lego-style electronic toys for kids plus a huge play area for children.

We watched the live band performances while lounging on bean bags, although we didn't have time to watch the movie they were about to play because it was late and the kids got tired especially Prince who didn't stop running around the play area since we arrived.

If you are planning to visit this weekend, you can check here what activities you can enjoy at Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade.

Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade

It is an Instagrammers paradise. 

Sprawling to 6 km, the development will have nine different districts. The Island District, Creekside 18, Harbour Views, The Canal District, The Sanctuary District, and more. It will also have a world-class yacht club, marina, and harbor, 22 hotels, 6.79 million square meters of residential space, and almost twice that in retail. 

The center of the new city will be Santiago Calatrava's design, The Tower inspired by everything Emaar is looking for in a tower. Absolute elegance, technology, engineering, and beautiful day and night. The tower will house a boutique hotel, vertical gardens, a 360-degree observation platform, restaurants, and function hall spaces. You can check out the video here

The Dubai Creek Harbour promenade is open every weekend, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Entry and parking are free. For more information about the upcoming events, please check out their website

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