Palawan: Family Adventure at Sabang X Zipline

Another activity we enjoyed doing while in Puerto Princesa, Palawan was zip lining at Sabang X Zipline's 800 meters zip line.

It is one of the reasons Ferald and I were so looking forward to this trip. We've been seeing a lot of this fun and exciting activity everywhere in the Philippines and we knew it is something we wanted to try. Since we are in Puerto Princesa to see the world famous Underground River, the Sabang X Zipline was our perfect idea of a side trip. If you are a fan of Amazing Race, Sabang X Zipline was popularized by Amazing Race Philippines Season 2.

We were so excited to do this and we have two kids thirsty for adventure brave enough to do things with their thrill seeker parents. Before we could zip ourselves from the mountain, across the sea and onto an island off the coast of Sitio Sabang, we needed to pass through a beautiful untouched beachfront with silky soft powdery sand and hike up through a lush green forest.

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We were here in August last year and that should explain why we are missing the sun, the blue skies, and the glittering turquoise water. August is one of the rainy months in the Philippines and yet even with overcast skies, this place offers you a different charm that could still leave you mesmerized.

Imagine this in summer.

At the end of the beach, inside that thick vegetation was a jungle trail that will lead us to Sabang X Zipline platform. It is where our hike began.

Our guide had to carry Prince so we could reach the top faster.

While the three of us had labored breathing, our guide was perfectly cool climbing up while carrying my son on his shoulders.

Catching our breath, we pushed ourselves up until we get to the top.

Immediately rewarded for being so persistent. The view was breathtaking.

After Ferald signed a waiver, he and Prince zip down together

while Mica and I went one by one. There's only one position (superman ride option wasn't available) so we all did it sitting down

I uploaded an amateur video my daughter took while zip lining here.

It was an amazing experience. We were so high on adrenaline, we can't keep smiling from ear to ear while telling each other we want to go again. We took copies of our souvenir photos and started walking our way back to meet my mother-in-law who opted to stay back at the paddle boat tour house.

After our fun filled morning activity, everyone's feeling hungry so we met with the rest of our tour group and tour guide and headed to Sabang Wharf where we had a sumptuous buffet lunch of fresh seafood and vegetarian dishes.

a chance to meet and greet with a local

and see (not taste) Tamilok for the first time.

Tamilok is a local delicacy in Palawan. It is harvested from mangrove trees and is prepared as kinilaw similar to ceviche. They say it tastes like oysters. Tamilok is also popular with local natives in the mangrove forests of West Papua, Indonesia and some regions in Thailand.

I wasn't feeling so adventurous with food after some serious stomach aches before our Palawan tour so I leave it to the bravest among our tour group.

That concludes the half of our Day 2 in Palawan. Our next stop...The UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new New 7 Wonders of Nature, our very own Puerto Princesa Underground River.

Location: Sitio Sabang, Barangay Cabayugan, Puerto Pricesa City, Palawan

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