Max's Restaurant New Menu

Max's Restaurant, our favorite authentic Filipino restaurant here in Dubai, has recently launched a new menu.

The new addition to their ever-growing menu of Filipino dishes varies from beef, chicken, and seafood dishes as well as some addition to desserts with a new take on its presentation plus a couple of new refreshments.

I missed the launch but we were invited to sample the new dishes and had a taste of these new offerings from Max's Restaurant in Bur Dubai.

Max's Restaurant New Menu

We started our dinner with a plate of Max's Appetizer Starter (AED 32). It has calamari, lumpiang shanghai, spicy chicken wings and fresh lumpiang ubod.

We liked the calamari and lumpiang shanghai but not very convinced about the lumpiang ubod as a starter although it was delicious compared to other lumpiang ubod I've tasted before. On the other hand, the chicken wings were too tangy and sour for my liking.

Moving on.

The dish I am most excited about was the Beef Ribs Humba (AED 39). It is a Filipino Style beef stew, a sweet, little sour savory dish.

My dad used to cook this dish for us when he was still alive so it is naturally a favorite. The beef was tender, the meat falls off the bones. The dish is usually simmered with spices such as star anise, whole peppercorns, and laurel leaf, brown sugar, soy, a little vinegar, and salt. Best paired with steamed rice. I think a little bit more salt and sugar needs to be added in order to strengthen the flavor.

The best seller so far, according to the staff was their Boneless BBQ Chicken (Pinoy Style) (Half AED 27/ Whole AED 49) and Bulalo Steak. Since we already ordered a beef dish, we asked for the boneless bbq chicken.

Served on skewers which hang from a hook on a stand as it is presented to you. It comes with homemade atchara (papaya salad), chili-lemon-soy dip, and chili vinegar dip and steamed rice on a clay pot

These are marinated chicken legs. I believe it's the best part of the chicken if you're not on a diet. We liked it, it was delicious. It truly captured the taste of real Filipino style barbecue. Crispy skin and soft and juicy chicken pieces. This dish is available in full or half portion.

Max's Restaurant has many sizzling specialties and the newest addition to it was the Seafood Oyster (AED 47). 

A good serving of wok-fried prawns, squids, fish fillet, fresh mussels and mixed vegetables in oyster sauce sprinkled with some crispy garlic bits. It was delicious and fresh but not something I would rave about so much.

You cannot dine at Max's Restaurant and not order their homestyle fried chicken so we had a half order of it. Steamed with herbs and spices before deep frying. Crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside like always.

All these were washed down with Mango Mojito and Melon juice. I ordered the melon juice for myself just to taste it but I liked the Mango Mojito more. The melon juice isn't bad it's just I am a mojito kind of girl.

Then came dessert.

We used to love the dessert sampler plate. Now they added two more sweet treat to it and it is now a tower of sweets. What they've added was two jelly based desserts, the coffee jelly topped with crushed walnuts, and strawberry jelly. I'm not sure those were the exact terms they're using, though. The coffee jelly was a sure hit for me but not the strawberry one, but the husband liked it.

The other four desserts were ube decadence, leche flan (similar to creme brulee but thicker), buko pandan and choco-caramel bar

Last but not the least and I am saving this for last, Turon!!!! Banana and jackfruit inside rolled crispy caramelized spring roll wrapper. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and crispy mint leaves.

I didn't expect it to be sooo good. Banana plantain is hardly available in Dubai that's probably why they used a different type of banana but it just tastes the same. The addition of silky smooth jackfruit (probably obtained by simmering the jackfruit to soften it), ice cream and crispy mint leaves was brilliant.

There are about 15 new dishes on the menu and we have to come back for them some other time.

I hope this gives you an idea of what to order next time you visit Max's Restaurant. The above are my personal opinion about the food, you may have different taste palates than me so explore, eat and enjoy the food.

They have branches in Spinney's Bur Dubai, Al Ghurair Mall and Sharjah City Center.

Happy weekend everyone!

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