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As much as we love visiting new and futuristic project locations like the Dubai Water Canal and Dubai Creek Harbour, we also love Bastakiya, Meena Bazaar, and the Old Dubai Creek. These places remain to be some of our favorite places in Old Dubai. If you want to know more about Dubai's tradition, architecture,  heritage and culture, these are the right places to visit.

It was one rainy afternoon in March (I know it is odd to say it was still raining in March in Dubai but we had a bit of a crazy weather lately) that I found myself dragging my family to visit the creek in old Dubai again.

Well not really raining, we only had overcast skies and a bit of drizzle.

My daughter kept wondering why I wanted to go to this place (again) even if I've been here so many times.

If she only knew how I wish I live nearby or if only I can come to this place more often, I would do it in a heartbeat. It's a place I'll never get tired of visiting again and again.

We parked our car in the parking lot beside Dubai Museum. She got off the car and naturally started shooting a video of her surrounding using her phone camera to upload on Snapchat. I saw a hint of a smile on her lips. I knew she'd love the place. I was smiling from ear to ear when our eyes meet and we all laughed childishly.

My son on the other hand, who has been in this place when he was very little was so eager to explore.

The kids were feeling hungry and I was craving for something sweet. I know exactly where my taste buds are taking me but I didn't tell them where we're going, I wanted them to see it for themselves.

As the direction would suggest, keeping Dubai Museum on our left and Grand Mosque on our right, we walk passed the Grand Mosque, we turned right, then navigated our way past the unloading area, walk through the alleyways of shops all the way to the water and found Creekside Dubai on the left side, by the banks of the river.

This trip to Bur Dubai or Old Dubai wasn't solely a foodie adventure, it was also a way to explore and immerse ourselves in Dubai's culture.

I got excited when I saw the water and the boats docked at the creek. I knew we've arrived.

The first thing Prince wanted to do was to run around and chase the pigeons

while I wanted to grab a table at Creekside Dubai and order what I came here for.

Creekside is a contemporary cultural space and cafe. Its focus lies primarily in architecture, art, culture, design and heritage. Located in the heart of old Dubai, Creekside is a place of artistic expression, debate and knowledge exchange. Whether someone is to attend a workshop or simply indulge in a cup of aromatic coffee, Creekside will always leave its visitors with food for thought.-Creekside

I've never attended any of the events organized by Creekside but I would definitely want to join anyone coming in the future.

It is also where some of Pitt Rivers Museum Wilfred Thesiger Photographic Collection are displayed.

Wilfred Thesiger, a travel writer, and explorer were one of the very few people to vividly capture the essence of the region through photography in the early 1900s. Creekside is exhibiting a number of photographs taken around the Creek, showing Dubai’s progression through time. - Creekside

It was the weekend and there were lots of tourists exploring the area. It was quite a busy day for the restaurant too. Everyone was seated outside, enjoying the glorious winter vibe of the creek, and no drizzle could stop it.

Although busy,  there were still tables available and we didn't have to wait to be seated. It just took quite a while before we were handed with a menu and for our orders to be taken.

Prince ordered a Mini Beef Burger served with fries (AED 20) from the kid's selection while Mica had Eggs Benedict with veal bacon (AED 45). Although it was served plain, the taste didn't suffer and Mica liked it. They also had for each some Oreo Milk Shakes (AED 22)

It was a totally different story for mine and Ferald's order. We shared this beautifully plated Arabic coffee French toast (AED 40) with date jam, pistachio whipped cream and sour pomegranate syrup whilst sipping on some warm cup of coffee. It was great! I actually regret ordering just one to share, I should have ordered two.

The food was delicious but the service was a letdown. I don't know if it was the one who took our orders that day or the kitchen who has the problem. I saw good reviews about this place and I was super excited when I went to try them out. I would still give them a 3/5 rating because, despite the service that we received, I will still come back to dine because of the food and the ambiance.

Fuelled with food and coffee, we were ready to explore the souk if only it didn't start to rain. We checked out a few shops before making a run for it to the car. We headed home coz the weather doesn't seem to get any better.

If you are visiting Old Dubai, make sure to check out Creekside Dubai.

This is not a sponsored post.

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