Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai's Impressive Friday Brunch

Ferald and I were invited to a Friday Brunch by our good friend Doc Gelo to join him celebrate his 10th-year anniversary in blogging.

The venue, the 24th Floor of Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai where three of the hotel's finest restaurants joined together to create one impressive brunch offering. PAX ItalianBenjarong for Thai, and The Californian, their all-day dining restaurant for Arabic, Mediterranean, Indian, Mexican and other international cuisines.

We've been to several events at Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai, dine a couple of times for iftar in Ramadan and came for a new menu tasting at Pax Italian before. Every visit was exceptional. The quality and taste of food, the warm hospitality, and service were excellent.

Although this was our first time to come and try their Friday Brunch, it was nonetheless a great dining experience. It lives up to our expectation, surpasses it even. That's why it is now included in my list of favorite Friday brunches in Dubai. Most probably not just in mine, maybe be in yours too? After all, Dusit Thani Hotel's Friday Brunch is popular amongst the locals and residents alike.

We were greeted with smiles by the hostesses as we came out of the elevator and was offered with some refreshing welcome drinks. I took two glasses of the non-alcoholic ones and handed one to Ferald.

Our friends who came early were already busy checking out the buffet spread. I joined them and also got busy taking photos.

There was so much food to choose from. The buffet spread occupies the whole atrium but with the smart layout of the buffet, you will never feel the expected crowd.

I decided to start at the core. At the center where you'll find Dusit's signature and intricate ice carving surrounded with different fresh and colorful seafood starters.

 For those who love sushi and sashimi, this place is heaven.

Seafood lovers, look for fresh oysters, steamed crab, prawns, black mussels, and lobsters.


freshly baked breads

kimchi, cheek pea salad, gado-gado, mango-pineapple salad, and papaya salad on another table

there's fattoush, tabouleh, baba ganoush, hummus, moutabal, for Arabic mezze

Cheese fatayer, sambousek, and kebbe

Peking duck wrapped in pancakes are freshly prepared in front of you. It's delicious and the duck meat has no aftertaste.

Here's the shawarma station and next to it were three main Indian dishes in beautiful brass pots

The pasta live cooking station was quite popular. You can choose everything that goes in to your Italian dish
At the hot noodle stand is where I met two cheerful chefs with infectious smiles.

Next to them was a large selection of sweets where red velvet cake is king. The best I've had in Dubai so far. I'm sure my friends who also tasted it agrees with me.

 and of course, the Crepe station. Although I missed trying the crepes, I heard it was good.

When we thought that was about it, we chanced to glance upon the entrance of PAX Italian. We didn't realize that there was more food in that area. We went also to see it and it includes my all time favorite, grilled lamb chops. These chops were so good. Tender and oozing with flavor. There was also the chicken barbecue and other breakfast items in this section.

roast beef

grilled king prawns and beef medallion

Satisfied with the photos I took, we walk to Benjarong to meet the rest of our friends.

Benjarong is a beautiful restaurant natively designed to reflect Thai architecture. It also has floor to ceiling windows overlooking Downtown Dubai and the iconic symbol of Dubai, none other than the Burj Khalifa.

Compared to its sister restaurants PAX Italian and The Californian, Benjarong has an exotic look and intimate ambiance. Quite a place for some meaningful conversation.

Well, some animated ones too especially when I'm with these very talented, witty, and fun Filipino blogger friends I met through blogging.

Back to the food, I started my meal with a hearty selection of starters

I took two oysters and this time I drowned it in vinegarette instead of the usual lemon. It was delicious and was gone too quickly. The California maki are my favorite so hands down to these. I only took one Peking duck trying to control my portions. I forgot to drizzle it with some sauce but it was also nice even without it. Also had some gravlax, spicy pomelo salad, and sweet watermelon salad to even out the taste.

Plate number two is a mix of mains I fancy that day. Beef ribs, salmon, dumplings, beef medallion, mixed vegetables, chicken satay. prawn popcorns, red curry chicken, and some rice pilaf. Everything on this place was delicious but the winner, the super tender fall-off-the-bones beef ribs.

I had a third plate but not in the photo. It was mainly grilled lamb chops. I still want to have some pasta but I've had enough so I'm keeping that for our next visit.

Then came dessert time.

All my favorite desserts are on this plate. Tiramisu, cheese kunafa, creme brulee, and of course a big slice of red velvet cake.

Overall, our dining experience at Dusit Thani's Friday brunch was wonderful. A Friday brunch we can rave about to everyone every time.

Have you to tried Dusit Thani Hotel's Friday Brunch? What do you like most about it?

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  1. I love Thai cuisine too :-) thank you for sharing your experience. It's good to know that there's a hidden spot in Dusit Thani for Thai food lover like me :-)

  2. Everything is so beautifully presented, and I'm sure it tasted that good too!

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