Street Food Fiesta Every Wednesday at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

When asked what I miss the most about my home country, my common reply is the food. Authentic dishes I grew up with. The ones my parents cook and those found and sold on the streets while I was growing up while studying high school in Bulacan and university in Manila before moving to Dubai way back in 2002. In fact, when we went for vacation last year, I took Ferald where I used to go for my daily dose of street eats. We ate isaw, pork barbecue, fish balls, kikiam, and balut. We also ate binatog and chicharon.

Here in Dubai, the first street food I've ever eaten was vegetable pakora, in the streets of Satwa. Pakora is a vegetarian street food very popular in India and Pakistan and was also being sold by many cafeterias in Dubai especially during Ramadan. I still buy pakora whenever I see it on the street, I like it while it is still crunchy.

Fast forward to today, food trucks and street eats are now a thing in Dubai. A very popular concept here these days. And why not? Dubai is a good place to offer something like this because people from all over the world lives here, missing a thing or two from home. What do you miss the most from

Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai has recently launched Street Food concept at the Fountain Restaurant.

Every Wednesday between 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm, you, your family or friends can come over to Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai Fountain restaurant to enjoy an array of Arabic, Mexican, Asian, Indian and much more in a Street Food Style.

The hotel's expansive lobby was turned into an open market where you can find food stalls and street carts

selling Beijing duck bao - slices of duck meat in a soft pillow-white bao along with fresh vegetables and sauce. Delicious.

A Taqueria that makes red crispy taco shell filled with beef/chicken, salsa, avo and sour cream with freshly squeezed lime. Devine.

Dim sum and stir-fry egg noodles stand. Comforting.

koshari and falafel

Laksa, Vietnamese pho ga

Singaporean Noodles

ghaal moori and satays

Freshly grilled fish smothered with spices, moist and flavorful. Yum!

In the drinks department, there are chilled soft drinks bottles in a wheelbarrow full of ice and freshly squeezed cane juice stand. The latter are sold in the streets of Egypt. In my country, we used to peel the sugarcane with a very sharp knife, remove the woody part and chew the meat to get the juices before spitting out the pulp.

Sweet and refreshing

and of course, Mövenpick's very own soft ice cream. We were happy with ice cream as dessert but there was a sweet shop right around the corner that sells all sorts of wonderful things.

Baklava, churros, jalebi and even some Japanese street crepes

my pick - churros, kunafa, sticky mango rice and star-shaped gelo.

If at any time, you find yourself craving for some street foods, remember that every Wednesday, you can have them at Fountain Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai.

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