Thai Food for Iftar? Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Please!

While I already blogged about a few interesting places for iftar just recently, I think I may have just one more up my sleeve.

One more place perfect for breaking your fast and enjoying an iftar meal with family and friends. They may not serve you your traditional iftar dishes but they serve fantastic and authentic Thai food.

If you ask me if I would like Thai food for iftar? My answer would be a big fat YES! Actually, you know what, I can eat Thai food any time of the day. Who doesn't love Thai food anyways? You just have to know where the gems are hidden like this one right here.

I am talking about Lemongrass Thai Restaurant.

It is a casual dining restaurant located on the ground floor of the Bu Haleeba Building, Oud Metha next to Lamcy Plaza with another branch in Al Ghurair Center in Dubai and 3 more branches in Abu Dhabi.

It is also one of those places you wouldn't mind if the chef chooses the dishes for you.

Speaking of which, this Ramadan, they already put together three special iftar set menus you can choose from. Simply choose from Iftar Seafood Special – AED 169, Iftar Non-Vegetables Special – AED 149 and Iftar Vegetables Special – AED 129 all good for 2 people. Your server will ask you 
if you want the food to be served altogether or by course.

Booked at 8:00 pm, we were one of the first few diners to arrive but it wasn't very long before the restaurant to get full. It was buzzing with people by the time we were giving out orders.

We ordered the non-vegetarian set and we asked our server to serve it all together. The food arrived quite fast at our table, I didn't feel like waiting at all.

This set includes dates, water, and two glasses of Homemade lemongrass tea. The lemongrass tea was refreshing and made more aromatic by the pandan leaves in it. Might have tasted better if it was chilled.

Crispy Prawn Crackers are always a good start for an Asian meal.

Tom Yum Gai (Sour soup with prawns, lemongrass, galangal, cherry tomatoes, chili, kaffir lime leaves, and mushrooms) Usually spicy but for the kids, we ordered everything without chili so they can eat everything.

Satay Gai. (Four skewers of grilled marinated chicken served with peanut sauce and ajad sauce.) The chicken was already delicious on its own but make sure you dip it into that rich peanut sauce to make it more savory.

Som Tam Gai Yang (Shredded green papaya salad with sliced grilled chicken, chili, garlic, tomato, dried shrimp, and lime juice). The crunchy papaya shreds and the punch of that vinaigrette with a little bit of heat were very appetizing.

Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai (Green Curry with prawns, eggplants, chili and sweet basil.) Such a wonderful and tasty dish that requires an order of extra rice. If I am not trying to lose weight, two cups would have gone down quite easily because of this Thai green curry.

Pad Kapraow Neua (Wok-fried beef with string beans, chili, garlic, and a hot basil sauce) are Tender pieces of beef that are so yummy.

We also ordered Pad Thai because no trip to a Thai restaurant is ever complete without our favorite noodle dish.

Lemongrass is great with kids too. They even have a separate kids' menu that offers healthy dishes

with coloring pages to keep the kids busy or shall I say to peel my son off his iPad even for a good 10 minutes. Who can relate?

When were done with our food, our table was cleared and dessert was served.

In came Gluay Tod (Fried banana with honey) Three pieces of fried banana served with honey infused with pandan. Didn't know it was a banana until we break it open. That actually didn't satisfy our sweet tooth so we ordered one more dessert that's rightfully Thai.

Kao Niaw Mamuang (Sweet sticky rice with mango) Presentation is key and we love the non-traditional and innovative way this sweet sticky mango rice was served. I must say it tastes great too. The mango is sweet, the rice was cooked fully, and the addition of rice crisps on top of the coconut cream and that pandan sauce is a plus. Yum!

Each of Lemongrass's special iftar set menus is good for two people but I must say the portion is good enough even for three.

It was an excellent dinner overall. Service was fast, and the staffs are friendly and well-informed. The restaurant is casual yet cozy.  Ferald and I are planning to come back soon. The food was so good it lingers days after. We even crave more Thai food after that.

If you'd like something different for iftar, do check out Lemongrass Thai Restaurant.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
Casual Dining Restaurant
Ground Floor, Bu Haleeba Building, 
Oud Metha, Dubai
+971 4 334 23 25

*We were invited as a guest to Lemongrass Thai Restaurant but all text, opinions, and photos on this blog post are my own except stated otherwise and were never influenced.

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