Bicol: Mayon Volcano Tour

One of the many things you can do in Bicol and one that is highly recommended is the Mayon Volcano Tour in an All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV.

Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in our country but it is also one of the most beautiful, popular for its perfect cone shape.

My family ready for our ATV adventure

Bicolandia Outdoors Adventure Co. was our tour operator and they offer different Mayon Volcano tour packages that you can choose from.

Mayon Volcano ATV Tour Rates

We opted for the 2006 Black Lava Trail with a 300 CC ATV for 2 persons. The 2006 Black Lava Trail is 21 kilometers, back and forth. It is a two and a half to three hours ATV adventure starting from Patio de Cagsawa (our home in Albay), passing thru the Cagsawa trail, barangays Budiao, Matnog and Mabinit to the Lava Wall and back.

Mayon Volcano ATV Tour Routes

 We were up early around 5:30 am and just after breakfast, we were all saddled up ready for the day's activity. We were briefed about safety as well as the proper use of our vehicles and then were off on the road.

Bicolandia Outdoors Adventure Co HQ at Patio De Cagsawa

I've never driven an ATV before so I leave it to Ferald to drive. My kids, niece, and nephews were all up for this thrilling ride hence not afraid to drive even it's their first time. The youngest of us is 7 and the oldest is 69. We do love adventure and we were all up for the challenge. There was never a dull moment during the tour. It was super fun and thrilling maneuvering in the restless terrain. The scenery is amazing too and it changes as we move along.

My favorite part is when we cruise in the river beds. Try to drive faster for an added drama of splashing water to your video or photos. (LOL)

This one is an obligatory stop and photo op. On days when the weather is clear, you will have the beautiful Mayon Volcano as your backdrop

Driving on paved roads was a bit boring, I never want to get out of the restless terrain..haha

Another shot as we pass the forested area

When we reached the base camp, we parked the ATVs and we were shown to a resting hut for some water and snacks.

The operator needed us to sign a waiver, required for those who wanted to try the zip line and other activities in the area. It is also important to list down all our names for a headcount.

From the base camp, we walk for a few minutes to reach the lava wall. I noticed that as we ascend, we could feel a strong gravitational pull. You feel it when you are close to active volcanoes due to a bigger mass of magma churning beneath the earth's surface, the same area where we were trekking.

This lava wall is a huge pile of igneous rocks. Solidified lava from Mayon Volcano's 2006 eruption. Now it serves as the closest viewing deck to the Mayon Volcano. It also has a helipad on top of it.

The climb was easy and the view...

is great even without the Mayon Volcano itself. (Click on the photos to expand)

 You can also see the whole city of Legazpi from here

We all had our own moments up there. It was serene and easy to get lost in your own thoughts.

I tried to wait for the clouds to clear but it seems that it wasn't the day I get to meet Mayon.

This area used to be a coconut plantation now covered by volcanic material.

With or without Mayon in sight, we still had a very good time here.

The rain clouds above us were our signal that it was time to leave. We spent a good one hour at the lava front before some of us started the trek down while other brave souls opted to go down via the zip line.

Back at the base camp, we climbed our ATVs and rode back to Patio de Cagsawa still giddy with the experience and yet ready to conquer for the second time the restless but beautiful trail.

The river water is cold and crystal clear and we were so tempted to take a dip.

I asked our tour guide if the water is clean enough for bathing but he said it is not recommended, not sure why.

We stopped for one last photo and just to put our feet in the water.

This Mayon Volcano tour is the highlight of our Bicol family road trip. It is an experience we will treasure forever.

This is me with a big smile on my face while enjoying the gushing cold water in between my toes.

This is also me saying you got to try this.

 Ciao for now!

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