Eat, Explore, Play, & Shop at Singapore's Changi Airport

Eat, Explore, Play, & Shop at Singapore's Changi Airport

I was never excited about airport layovers. From my previous experience, it meant boredom and long waiting hours. But that's not true anymore in our most recent travel, not with Singapore's Changi Airport.

The four hours we spent at Changi Aiport last January (2019) was the most entertaining airport stopover we've done so far.

*If you are traveling and transiting in Singapore from now onward, continue reading until the end to know a secret.

As I was saying...we quite manage to do a lot of things even with limited time since there were plenty of things to do at this airport. There's no way for any traveler to get bored here. You just have to go and find it.

The first thing we did was enjoy more of Singapore's delicious dishes. You got that right. We ate to our heart's content.


Singapore Street Food

Singapore Food Street located at the 3rd level of Changi Terminal 3 transit area is a 1960's themed food court and a haven for foodies like us who want to savor more of some of the most famous Singaporean dishes before leaving the country. 

We enjoyed for the second time around some nice and comforting laksa

Lunch at Changi Airports Food Court

Hainanese chicken rice and

Hainanese Chicke Rice

roasted duck served with noodles.

Roasted Duck and Noodles

At the Singapore Food Street counter, you will be given a loadable card you can use to purchase your meal. You can refund any unused amount later. After food, we didn't waste any time and directly went to...


The first butterfly sanctuary we visited was in my province in the Philippines. Prince had no recollection of it since he was still so little back then. We had another chance to show him these beautiful creatures when we were at Changi Airport's Butterfly Garden.

Changi Airport Butterfly Garden

It is the first butterfly garden in an airport. The garden has a tropical design (open-air) with lush landscaped vegetation and 6-meter man-made waterfalls. There are about a thousand butterflies from about 40 species in this butterfly garden. It was such a delight just to be around so many different colorful butterflies.

Inside Change Airports Butterfly Garden

Inside Change Airports Butterfly Garden

Inside Change Airports Butterfly Garden

Changi Airport has loads of art pieces scattered in different parts of the airport.

Did you know that right in the middle of Changi Airport Terminal 3 transit area is a Crystal Garden?

Crystal Garden at Changi Airport

Hubby and I at Crystal Garden at Changi Airport

Being showcased are 12 spheres of artisan dandelion glass sculptures in various sizes, comprising 1,735 Bohemian glass components which are all hand-blown with different finishes.

Mica and Prince at Crystal Garden at Changi Airport

Another notable art piece is the Wings of Mexico by Jorge Marin. The sculpture symbolizes cross-border alliances among people and cultures. We also have one in Dubai at the Burj Downtown area.

Wings of Mexico by Jorge Marin

Not sure if this is an art piece or not but the kids played and enjoyed watching their coin traverse the colorful artsy passage.

Transiting to Singapore's Changi Airport is one of the best travel decisions I've ever made. Not only is it fun and fulfilling but also rewarding. Including our 12-hour layover from Dubai to Manila in December.


Changi Transit Rewards give each transit passenger S$20 which you can use for shopping and refreshments.

To redeem your voucher, proceed to the iShop Changi Collection Centres situated near the GST Refund counters in the transit areas of Terminals 2 and 3. Present your passport, boarding passes, and e-ticket(s).

Changi Dollar Voucher

We shop just before our scheduled boarding time. Each of us bought something we really like. A memento of Singapore that we can keep and take with us to Dubai.

The voucher is valid for one-time use. It is accepted in most shops. Ask if you are unsure. Otherwise, use it for one-time access to Ambassador Lounge* at Terminals 2 and 3 for up to two hours

*Lounge usage includes showers with basic toiletries, light refreshments, free-flow international reading materials, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

We didn't have enough time to see other attractions which give us more to look forward to when we visit Singapore again. But can you believe all this in just four hours? 

Over to you, how do you usually spend your time during airport stopovers?

Thank you for reading. As promised, here's the scoop.

*While writing this post, I learned that Changi airport is currently running a promotion that if you spend S$50 on a single receipt you will have 1 entry into a draw of 1 Million Singaporean Dollars and S$200 or above with 100 chances. 

*This post is not sponsored in any way. We are just sharing our own experience and what we know of Singapore's Changi Airport promotions. We wish you the best of luck.

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