Perfect Date Venue in Dubai l Level 43 Sky Lounge

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Level 43 Sky Lounge at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel is a rooftop bar that is a popular choice as it offers 360 panoramic views of Dubai. Up here, you can see the famous skyscrapers along Sheikh Zayed Road up close as well as many other landmarks around. 

View towards Burj Khalifa
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Chinese Broccoli Stir Fry with Garlic and Oyster Sauce l Gai-lan

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I found these fresh Gai-lan at WEMART at International City here in Dubai. Gai-lan or kai-lan is Chinese broccoli. It is a perfect side dish or viand in itself.
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Crabbing in Ras Al Khaimah


Guess what was the first thing we did after the lockdown and curfew was lifted in the UAE? 

We went CRABBING! (If that's even a word hahaha)

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Rove At The Park Review and Life Update

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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I updated this space. 

I know the times are hard these days. We are all getting by and hoping and keeping the faith that all this will be over really soon. 
I hope all of you are able to find the courage to look at the positive side rather than linger on the negative things this pandemic has brought us. I also hope you are doing all the necessary to stay safe for you and your family. 

Apart from making sure we are healthy and our immune system are always strong, we must also not forget to keep an eye on our emotions because it is easy to get upset with all of the things happening around us. We don't want us spiraling down, you know. Check on your family, check on your friends, your colleagues, even your neighbor.

With the grace of God, me and my family are, up to this moment, are all doing fine, healthwise.

Personally, I tried to keep myself busy as much as I can. I actually took 2 weeks leave from work so I'm officially still on vacation but will be back to work on Monday.

I'd like to take this chance to greet all our Muslim brothers Eid Mubarak!
So what kept me and my husband going?!

-Work and good colleagues
-Our kids - helped them with distance learning since March but now it's over and it's summer vacation, taught them new things and they taught me to do new things to like to play PUBG Mobile (hihihi) so now I can play squad with them. Yes, I am officially a gamer mom.
-Workout at home to stay fit and continue with the ketogenic diet to lose extra flabs (lol)
-My plants and my balcony garden. I have always been a plant lover and I always have plants at home to tend to even before the craze.
-My kitchen where I cook delicious food for my family and these days shoot videos while I cook, for my YouTube Channel content.

Honestly anything that can keep me occupied. 

As I have said, I also started...decided rather to revive my almost non-existent YouTube Channel and so far gained a few followers and views. I'll be updating this space and my YouTube Channel as well. You can subscribe to my channel here.

This Rove At The Park draft was sitting here since last year but it is now up on my YouTube Channel. 

If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

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Bataan: Turtle Releasing Program at Pawikan Conservation Centre in Morong

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Pawikan Conservation Centre in Morong Bataan

From Pilar to Orani to Morong, we went on a scenic drive to reach to the other side of Bataan to visit the Pawikan Conservation Center, a humble but important sanctuary.

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Bataan: Vista Tala Resort & Recreational Park

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Continuing from my last blog post, I'll share here about our experience at


Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

After our sumptuous dinner at Ima Floras Pamangan, we drove up to Orani and checked in at Vista Tala Resort & Recreation Park at Barangay Tala. This mountain resort is perched at the top of the mountain with an incredible vista of what seems to me is part of Manila Bay if I am not mistaken and Mt. Natib with luscious vegetation.

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Bataan: Mt. Samat l Dunsulan Falls l Ima Floras Pamangan

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There's some sort of a running joke now in the family, we call it the B series.

Mt. Samat National Shrine Pilar Bataan

Our first family road trip was in the Bicol region (located at the southernmost part of Luzon). I previously shared our story here and here if you'd like to read them. For our annual vacation in December last 2018, we visited Bataan, also known as the home of the brave 

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Lechon Pork Belly Roll

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Here's my take on the Crispy Crackling Pork with Herb Rice Stuffing by Marion Grasby. We Pinoys call it Lechon (Roasted Pork Belly).

To be honest, I feel intimidated to cook Lechon when everybody else was doing it and even making a business out of it. True story. Some have turned their love for cooking Lechon into a business while I'm scared that I wouldn't be able to give justice to this special-occasion-show-stopper-dish so I never tried cooking it. I just enjoyed eating it when friends brought it to potlucks. Not until the husband asked me if I can cook it for our 2019 Christmas dinner.

Determined to please the family, I searched for the best roast pork recipe online. I found Marion Grasby's Crispy Crackling Pork with Herb Rice Stuffing on Facebook. It looked beautiful and festive. I thought it is the perfect recipe for me. So I followed her instructions and the result is wonderful


Lechon Pork Belly
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