Bataan: Vista Tala Resort & Recreational Park

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Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

After our sumptuous dinner at Ima Floras Pamangan, we drove up to Orani and checked in at Vista Tala Resort & Recreation Park at Barangay Tala. This mountain resort is perched at the top of the mountain with an incredible vista of what seems to me as part of Manila Bay if I am not mistaken and Mt. Natib with luscious vegetation.

Sea View from Vista Tala Bataan

Vista Tala Resort

We stayed in a couple of row houses that can accommodate 4 to a maximum of 6 people each. Check-in was smooth, and the staff is friendly and informed. The rooms were clean although not as spacious as we were expecting them to be but once you open the door to the terrace, you'll be greeted by rolling mountains so green it makes you forget how tight and awkwardly located the door was in my sisters' room. (LOL) Kidding aside, it really is such an amazing view. You suddenly get that feeling of appreciation for God's creation and your love for nature.

Hammock at the balcony of Vista Tala Hotel

Vista Tala Resort is a great place to visit in summer cause it really gets cold up there (like Baguio feels). The resort is 895 meters above sea level. When we were there in December of 2018 it was really cold but that didn't stop the girls to go for a night swim and kids from playing in the play area. After a day of exploring, I don't know how they still have the energy while we just want to retire to our rooms to rest.

Night Swimming at Vista Tala Hotel Bataan

Kids playing at Vista Tala play area


Breakfast can be enjoyed al fresco at the hotel's restaurant.

Wake up early to enjoy the weather. Have a cup of coffee while waiting for the food to arrive.

Breakfast at Vista Tala Bataan

Kids having breakfast at Vista Tala Bataan

Boys having breakfast at Vista Tala Bataan

Pinoy silog meals include ham, tocino or longanisa served with a perfectly cooked sunny side egg and garlic fried rice. Coffee was unlimited.


For the recreational part, they offer activities such as rappelling for 150 pesos and Zip Line for 250 pesos. Day Tour is also available for 600 pesos per person only.

The resort has three swimming pools including an infinity pool where you can have a nice groupie with your gang or

Infinity Pool at Vista Tala

Groupie at Vista Tala Infinity Pool

show your swimming prowess or just jump and have fun

Defying gravity at Vista Tala Infinity Pool

The kids don't care anyway, they swim

Kids swimming at Vista Tala Infinity Pool

and play and then

Vista Tala Kids Play Area

swim some more. Yeah!

Prince at Vista Tala Infinity Pool

Those without affinity for water took my camera and went for a photoshoot (areke!)

Mom at Vista Tala Resort

Ate at Vista Tala Resort

When we thought the fun was over, we went on a trek down to the Orani River stream, 675 steps going down and 675 steps back up.

Groupie at Vista Tala Resort Entrance

Orani River Trek

River Trek is a side trip provided by the hotel which includes a guide who will take you down the river.

Orani River Trek

The reason you have to do this trek, which we were caught off guard is this

Prince swimming at Orani River Bataan

River bathing.

Something we couldn't do while we were at the Dunsulan Falls.

Natural Pool at Orani River

Father and daughter at Natural Pool at Orani River

The water was so clean we could see the rocks below in this natural pool. The water was cold yet so refreshing.

Tito and Prince at Orani River Stream

It didn't matter if we were not wearing proper swim clothes, we just couldn't let pass the chance to swim. Alam nyo na!

Orani River Stream

We stayed maybe for about less than an hour. We would have stayed a little longer but it started drizzling and we didn't want to be caught up in the rain.

Totem Rocks

Back at the hotel, we showered and changed for a little family photo shoot before moving on to our next destination in Bataan.

Family photo at Vista Tala Resort

Family photo at I heart Vista Tala sign

We highly recommend booking your stay at Vista Tala. We had such an amazing stay here.

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