Al Zebidi Fish Cooking l Khorfakkan Fish Market Sharjah

Al Zabidi Fish Cooking

After a long day of sightseeing in Khorfakkan, we ended our day with a nice and delicious dinner at a seafood restaurant located in Khorfakkan Fish Market. 

Al Zebidi Fish Cooking Restaurant

Khorfakkan Fish Market

Similar to "paluto" in the Philippines, Al Zebidi Fish Cooking accepts fresh fish and seafood you buy from the fish market to cook for you for a charge when you dine with them. That was our plan. Unfortunately, I wasn't mentally prepared for what type of fish and seafood to buy at the fish market and what dish I want them to cook for us. So we decided and as per one of the staff's recommendations, to order from their menu which was great as it did not disappoint.

This was his recommendation

Platter of Grilled Seafood

A humongous and amazing platter of freshly grilled salmon and butterflied sea bream marinated in spices with some fried prawns on a bed of turmeric rice served with fresh garden salad, onions, lemons, and dates. The fish was fresh, moist, flaky, and, flavorful. It's a big platter good for 6 people. We were just four so we took home the rest of the leftover fish.

The second time we were here, we ordered this platter. It has grilled salmon, sea bream, and prawns as well as some fried octopus calamari, again on a bed of turmeric rice. We were with my cousin and his wife this time and it was more than enough to fill us all. For bigger groups, they of course have bigger platter options available.

Platter of Grilled Seafood

If you are around Khorfakkan and are looking to eat some traditional food, we recommend that you try the fish-cooking restaurants in the fish market area. They are modest but the food is delicious and amazing. It's your sea-to-table kind of meal.

Both platters are around AED 160 to 180 including refreshments, divide that into 6 and it is only AED 30 per person which is excellent for a seafood dinner like this.

We are always craving this meal and we can't wait to go back again.

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