Easy to Create Breakfast Board at Home

Breakfast in bed...does sound fancy! Right! But it is simply breakfast served to one in bed upon waking up and anyone can do it. You can also do it. Kahit tuyo, sinangag at itlog pa yan.

Creating a breakfast board at home doesn't need to be intimidating. I did it because I was feeling fancy that day and I want to treat my family to a nice fancy breakfast without needing to go out. Whatever you have for breakfast like eggs, bread, jam, and coffee can be simply arranged and presented nicely on a clean wooden board, and call it a breakfast board, breakfast in bed. 

You would say why all the trouble? Because we deserve it. 

After a long busy week at school and at work, my family deserves a nice meal on a Friday morning. These little moments with family seem to count more and are cherished by my kids. I wish that they would remember it when they're all grown up and hoping would do the same for their own family. Gets?!

Ok now for the breakfast board.

Everything major in this breakfast board, I already have in my pantry. The eggs, pancake mix, blueberries, strawberry jam, banana, and turkey ham. I bought the day before greek yogurt, cheese string, orange, apple juice, and mushrooms. 

I cooked the pancakes and add the blueberries while it's cooking, fry the eggs (we like our eggs runny but since I am pregnant, I had mine with a well-cooked yolk. ), saute the mushrooms in little butter with salt & pepper, sliced the oranges and banana, and just arrange everything on this wooden board I already have at home. Serve with coffee and apple juice. Simple isn't it?! 

Now, I can't wait for the weekend! Happy Monday folks!

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