Choosing a Ball Gown for Desert Rose Parade

Blue Satin Gown

Out of probably 20+ gowns we tried, she only liked one. A simple blue satin gown. I was hoping she would want something more lavish. Although we were thrifting since it is going to be a one-time use, there are many nice gowns to choose from at the thrift shop. Borrowing was another option but we found it difficult due to size constraints. The blue gown cost 65 dirhams only. Not bad for the price but design-wise, it was not good enough for me. I was actually hoping she would choose the green one as it has a nicer cut but nope, my persuasion was in vain.

These were the two gowns we ended up choosing from.

Gowns at Thrift Shop

With Sta. Cruzan and Flores De Mayo's big and very elegant gowns which are usually worn in the Philippines, I was not contented with how her gown looked. I searched for some inspiration and I found these designs.

Blue satin gown inspiration

I imagined them being incorporated into the one we bought and I knew it would make a difference. The tulle fabric and the white embroidered patches cost more than the gown itself not to mention the tailor fees. Her gown now actually costs more than a tailor-made dress. Nonetheless, I was happy it looked nicer than before and it was fitting the occasion. She looked lovely in it on the red carpet. 

For my son, it was easy peasy. We borrowed a Barong Tagalog from a friend and put it together with black pants that we already have and he was just dashing in this elegant Filipino traditional ensemble.

Prince in Barong Tagalog

Prince in Barong Tagalog

Why all this preparation you may ask. It was for our off-roaders group festival. An event we came up with to celebrate October. Instead of the usual October Fest, we had the Desert Rose Parade which is the first in the history of the Filipino Offroading Community in Dubai combined with a PONG Fest. This is to celebrate our life in the desert, our friendship, and our family.

Here's the article that was first published on Pinoy Offroaders Facebook page and The Filipino Times


Pinoy Offroaders New Generation in UAE

The UAE's recent long weekend was just another means for residents and visitors to celebrate life, family, and friendship. Organized by Pinoy Offroaders - New Generation (PONG), the Desert Rose parade was successfully held last Thursday, 21st of October 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

The event starred children of all ages who showcased their effortless catwalk skills as they gleefully glided with their glittering clothes through the runway. The twist - the red carpet was located in the middle of the desert in a place so-called Camp Walwal in Lahbhab. The event was the first of its kind in the history of the Filipino Off-roading Community.

Participants of Desert Rose Parade

The occasion was graced by PONG members, along with their family, friends, and guests from other off-roading clubs. The night wouldn't be complete without food, music, and fun games. Guests were pampered by PONG's memorabilia items along with a thrilling dune bashing experience, conquering the Iftar Bowl the following morning.

“We organized this event and invited our guests to share, not just our passion for cars and desert driving, but our ways to bond and chill out with our family and friends. We wanted them to personally experience and enjoy what the UAE desert has to offer, especially during the winter season so they would have a better insight as to why we cannot resist visiting the desert whenever we get the chance." - said PONG President Michael Mago as he welcomes the guest at the night's event. 

Founded earlier this year, PONG is a non-profit, family-oriented group of Filipinos and Pinoys-at-heart who shares enthusiasm towards camping and desert driving. Masks were worn and appropriate social distancing was constantly maintained throughout the event.

Pinoy Offroaders New Generation (PONG) UAE

The first-ever Desert Rose parade was made possible through the efforts of The Filipino Times, Tag 91.1, Dimple Events, Rons World, Arts & Decals by CRRV, Global Tours Dubai, Coach Ben’s Water Warriors, Yamyam Cakes and Desserts, PONG’s Officers, members, and social media influencers BonChanTV, Tongtongs Adventures, My Yellow Bells Blog, Walwal King, and Ezra_Pages can be found on both Tiktok and Instagram. 

You can follow Pinoy Offroaders New Generation on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and PONG’s YouTube channel for more of their weekly happenings.

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