Baby Girl Baby Shower

Baby Girl Baby Shower

Baby showers were not quite popular yet when Lanna & Prince was born. At least for us. Hence no gender reveal or baby showers. Just intimate sharing of great news to family and passing hand-me-downs from bigger siblings and friends.

Eleven years after my youngest was born, a gift has arrive for us. It was such a big surprise. A third child is on her way. We are becoming a family of five. 

I recently had my baby shower at our desert camp. I find it difficult to plan these days, it exhausts me. That's why I want to thank my amazing PONG girlfriends for making sure things were perfect and our PONG family for all the love and support. 

Baby Girl Baby Shower-Decor

Thank you for showering our baby with so much love already.

Planning for your baby girl's baby shower? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Venue and decor

I did mine at our desert camp. We belong to a big group of Filipino off-roaders who we treat like family. The camp is a wide-open space and free of charge. My lovely host Jen brought her folding table, balloons, paper ribbons, and an "it's a girl" sash for me. I brought a crafted BELA marquee letter my daughter and I decorated with pink flowers, a frame with the baby's ultrasound scan photos, another letter board frame, and some helium balloons.

Baby Girl Baby Shower-Outdoor

2. Food and refreshments

We usually do a potluck every camping. We shared some baked salmon with cream sauce and beef kare-kare and for dessert, some cupcakes, and cakes. It is totally up to you what you would like to offer your guest. You can cook or get food delivered, it's your call.

3. Games and prizes

Baby showers are fun. Especially if you have hilarious games prepared and your guests are all ready to participate. Jen had cool games for our friends such as Diaper The Baby (Dads vs Moms), Feed the Baby (with Cerelac), and My Water Bag Broke. 

Baby Girl Baby Shower Games

Baby Girl Baby Shower Games

4. Guest List

Here you can decide how intimate your party will be. If you have a host, you can share the invitees' list with her or if you don't really mind, give her the liberty to invite friends and family for you

Our immediate family is not here but our PONG family got our back. 

Baby Girl Baby Shower

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