What Happens During Lasik Surgery - My Personal Experience

I started wearing prescription glasses when I was twenty-eight years old. I am now forty-one. I no longer wear them since I had Lasik surgery for both eyes. Those years I was wearing glasses were not that bad but if you have another option, why not take it.

It turned out as one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got tired of wearing eyeglasses. I am grateful for my past spectacles. I was thankful to them for giving me clear vision when my eyes were not good, although it was time to let them go. (applying the Marie Condo method)

Lasik surgery has plenty of benefits. For one, it dramatically improves your quality of life. Often most people achieve 20/20 vision or better after the surgery. Lasik treatment can correct refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. This procedure is highly effective for patients with astigmatism.
Before my surgery, I was curious about how Lasik is done. How does it feel to have Lasik surgery? Because I am interested in having it done for me, I watched countless videos of how it is performed. I would like to walk you through my experience. You are here probably because you are also interested in Lasik surgery.

The first thing I did was go for a consultation at the eye clinic I chose. 

I was examined by an optometrist. She discussed and advised me about my current vision and what type of Lasik surgery is required. We decided to go for a blended vision eye surgery. I wanted to completely get rid of my eyeglasses. She said with normal Lasik surgery, one might still need to use reading glasses.

Blended vision uses laser eye surgery to treat one eye for distance vision and the other for close-up distances. It is AED 4500 here in the UAE. The cost varies from one person to another depending on the type of procedure that they will do for you. There is an AED 500 non-refundable deposit when you book the surgery.

At least three days before the surgery, you must not wear any eye makeup and contact lens. Other than this, there are no special preparations required whatsoever.

I arrived at the clinic on the day of my Lasik surgery. Paid the corresponding fees for the procedure. I was then taken to the preparation room. They gave me a surgical gown complete with hair and shoe covers. The nurse disinfected the areas surrounding my eyes with some betadine solution and then gave two anesthetic eye drops on each eye. She asked me to keep my eyes closed until they call me inside the operating room. 

The doctor called me. He uttered my name accordingly to the patient's name on the machine (I guess), asked me to lie on the bed, and positioned my head under the Lasik machine.

He started with my right eye and covered the other with gauze. He placed a lid speculum to keep my eyelids open. This was quite uncomfortable. Then he put another ring on it. The next thing he did was lifted the corneal flap. This time I got a little jittery and moved my head just a bit. The surgeon told me not to move. I must stay still. I tried to relax. Several nurses assist the doctor. One placed eye drops on my eyes continuously on the doctor's command, and another handed him surgical tools. One nurse was pressing down on my hands folded on top of my abdomen so I won't move.

After lifting the corneal flap, there's the sound of the machine and the scent of some burning skin. My eyes are now under the firing laser beams. It was quick. I was told to keep looking at the center of the red dot on the machine for a few seconds, eye drops after eyedrops then the flap was replaced in its original position. I saw it while the doctor smoothened the flap and placed a contact lens.

He covered my right eye, moved to the left, and followed the same procedure.

In total, the surgery took more or less than 15 minutes. It was so quick. There was no pain but just a slight discomfort. When I opened my eyes, I had a glimpse of the difference in my vision already. They said the effect is immediate and so it seems. 

The nurse guided me back to the preparation room (we walked, no stretchers required lol), and gave me a sunglass to wear. Lasik surgery makes your eyes sensitive to light for a few hours. They prescribed me some medicines before discharge. The eyedrops were antibiotics, antiinflammatories, lubricants, and single-use drops like natural tears to moisten the eyes.

I was advised to keep my eyes closed for at least 6 hours so my husband came to pick me up. Post-surgery, I was instructed to apply eye drops one on each eye every hour for five hours at home. On our way home, I was curious so I kept on opening my eyes (protected by the sunglasses I was wearing) and I can see a huge difference already in my vision. I said to myself, I just have to wait for my eyes to completely heal and I will be frame-free.

I had my Lasik surgery on a Friday afternoon and I was back in the office by Monday. It was painless and only an outpatient day surgery.

It's only been a week post-operation. I feel completely fine. I can see crisp clear for far distances but there is some haziness for close distances. It seems to be sensitive to light. I am giving myself more time to heal and I will update you all here. I will see my doctor on Sunday and will tell him about it.

Lasik surgery package includes a free one-year consultation. 

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