Shrimp in a Blanket Recipe

Shrimp in a Blanket

Shrimp in a blanket is a delectable Thai appetizer that is incredibly easy to prepare. As a family that loves prawn dishes, we frequently enjoy steamed, garlic butter, or cajun sauce prawns at home.

During one of Ferald's grocery shopping trips at Carrefour, he came across large prawns on promotion, selling at 26 dirhams per kilo. Upon seeing the photo he sent, I asked him to buy some, even though I hadn't decided on what dish to make yet.

Later on, as we were commuting home and discussing dinner plans as we often do, I had the idea of preparing shrimp in a blanket using the leftover spring roll wrappers from the turon we had made during our previous cooking session. And just like that, dinner plans were decided.

The other variation of this dish is when minced pork is added to the prawn but that's for another post. This is the easy way but just as delicious.
1 kilo large prawns - peeled and deveined
spring roll wrappers (lumpia wrapper) big size sliced in half
salt, pepper, and garlic powder to marinate the prawns
oil for deep frying
corn starch - water slurry

1. Peel and devein the prawns
2. Wash and pat dry with a paper towel
3. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder and marinate for 10 minutes
4. Wrap individually in spring roll wrapper sealed with water-cornstarch slurry
5. Heat oil in a deep dish or frying pan and deep fry the prawns until golden brown
6. Serve with some Thai sweet chili sauce.

This is an appetizer but can also be a viand and eaten with rice.

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