Manifesting List

I wrote a similar list before but I deleted it for some reason. I don't remember what it was anymore. I re-write the list again, just to serve as a reminder of some of the fun things I'd like to do, beautiful places I'd like to visit, and some goals I'd like to achieve.

Here's my manifesting list I will be able to fulfill one at a time. With God's provisions, I will have the resources, strength, and health to do all of them.

Places to Visit
1. Explore Petra Jordan
2. Visit friends in Turkey
3. Island Hop in El Nido Coron Palawan
4. See the Chocolate Hills and cruise the Loboc River in Bohol
5. Family holiday in the Maldives
6. See the Pyramids of Egypt
7. Swim with the whale sharks in Donsol or in Oslob Cebu or in both
8. Travel somewhere, anywhere to see real snow
9. Trek the Great Wall of China
10. Scuba Dive in Batangas
11. Visit friends in Beirut
12. Party in Boracay
13. Surf in Siargao
14. Visit La Union
15. Live in a castle for a week

Things to Do in Dubai
1. Sky Diving-Tandem Jump at SkyDive Dubai over The Palm Islands
2. Ride a hot air balloon
3. Watch the sunrise from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa


Please feel free to share your own story or views here.


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