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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Al Ain Paradise at Last

I don't know how many roundabouts we've passed and missed looking for Al Ain Paradise last Friday while chasing and asking taxi drivers for direction. If we only knew that this new park is a just a stone's throw away from Al Ain Zoo, it would have been easier to find it since we have been to Al Ain Zoo many times before and we exactly know how to get there.

Apparently, Al Ain Paradise is located at Zakher Area, Sweifi Disctrict but we are missing on the road signs, non of it gave us a hint. We try to follow Town Center hoping it will give us a clue but to no avail. One taxi driver was very helpful when we ask for directions, he ask us to follow him but it seems that we are way too far from the desired destination so we stopped for awhile as he gave my husband more road directions, we followed it until we have reached the R/A heading towards Al Ain Zoo and from there we turn right, went straight to the next R/A, went straight again and took a U-turn on the next R/A back to the second one. Al Ain Paradise is on the right side before reaching the R/A and a quick turn to the right is the parking space. It was a Friday and we have expected it to be crowded and it is indeed packed with visitors taking pictures at every corner and flower baskets.:)

We are up for an amateur photography for a friends engagement session and the bride-to-be requested to shoot at Al Ain Paradise which was awarded by the Guinness World Records as the holder for the largest display of hanging flower baskets last February 28, 2011 and of course to take a look at it too. In my last write-up about our trip in Al Ain, I promised myself that it will be first on my list next time.

The weather was strangely hot last Friday and it was a little bit hazy too as opposed to what I was hoping for but it did not stop us from shooting beautiful pictures of the couple. R&J engagement session will be in another post soon.

At the gate, you will be greeted by flower scents but I'm not pretty sure if it's really from the flowers or from a scent diffuser coz I only smell it near the gate and not the rest of the place where there are a lot of blooms. Also there are a lot of park rule enforcers with whistles, they ask people to refrain from plucking flowers nor step on the grass, vandalism and littering is forbidden otherwise fine will be imposed. I cannot blame the park management  to be this transparent of the park rules and regulations after they forced the closure of the park one time in December 2010 and only re-open in March 2011 due to vandalism, littering and flower picking. "The park have incorporated all modern landscaping methods and device unique irrigation method to keep the flowers bloom for most of the year." This effort and money will go to waste if people who visits the park for whom it was built will just ruin it.

OK enough of the rants lets move on to something more interesting shall we. What can I say, it was beautiful and very eye pleasing, I think I can stay there forever hehehe :). I could only take few photos as I pass by, as I have said I was there for another purpose. I did not have even a single photo of myself for souvenir but I took lovely photos of family and friends.

If you would like to visit Al Ain Paradise Flower Garden visiting hours are from 8 am to 9 pm and entrance is free. Sundays and Wednesdays are for ladies only, Fridays and Saturdays are for families, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are general.

Update 06/03/2016: A bigger and better version of Al Ain Paradise is now in Dubai as Dubai Miracle Garden
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